QMS Media was established in 2014 to aggregate a number of outdoor advertising assets, including the businesses currently conducted by QMS APAC and the outdoor advertising assets of Paramount Outdoor, Octopus Media and Drive By Media amongst others.

QMS APAC is one of Australia's leading outdoor advertising media companies, with a high quality and growing portfolio of premium long tenure, high yield assets including landmark digital billboards, static billboards and street furniture. On completion of the IPO Acquisitions, the Company’s portfolio of assets will comprise:
  • Landmark digital billboards (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast);
  • Static billboards (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Indonesia);
  • Retail sites (New Zealand);
  • Street furniture (Gold Coast); and
  • Transit sites (New Zealand, Indonesia).

The IPO Acquisitions will give the Company a strong presence in the Australian market and position it to leverage growth across the Asia Pacific region through its presence in Indonesia and New Zealand.

It is anticipated that QMS will list on the ASX during June 2015.