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    Has anyone else been following the unfolding debacle around flammable panels on apartment blocks?

    Short story is that a couple of years ago there was a fire in a block of flats in Melbourne which turned into a major conflagration because the external cladding panels burnt like a Roman candle. It was just pure luck we didn't have a major catastrophe.

    It turns out the block of flats had been fitted with a totally illegall flammable cladding. Building regulations specify non flammable cladding for obvious reasons. However builders discovered this cheap alternative and it seems that hundreds of apartment blocks have been finished with this product.

    The consequence seems to be that "someone" is going to have to pay for the identification and removal of this very dangerous product and replacement with a fire proof alternative.

    How dangerous is this stuff ? There have been a number of fires in apartment blocks around the world that have gone totally ferocious when these panels go up. Check out the url for skyscraper city to see what I mean

    Anyone else have any knowledge of this situation ?



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    Default Re: Flammable cladding panels on apartments

    It's what you get when you allow a profit focused business to self regulate.

    All the safety inspections are now suss.

    Going to be interesting to see who ends up having to pay for this debacle. Bet you the builders will be last in line to stump up and $$$
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    Polystyrene is a very flammable material, yet has brilliant thermal insulation properties.

    Talk about conflicting issues, it has to be used more, due to star ratings on building codes. However it burns really well and gives off toxic fumes, from memory.

    I guess a well versed escape plan, is paramount. Also fire resistant internal cladding could be considered.
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    That material is a composite of aluminium and other, generally plastic or plastic-like, things. They'll all burn if it gets really hot (like in a furnace) but in practical terms some of those components are flammable on a building and some are not.

    At a guess, manufacturers seeking to produce the product cheaply won't have bothered with the 70% non-flammable component mix that is mandated and that's where the problem will be.

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