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    Smile Australian time schedule for global exchanges

    Hi Guys,

    I'm still in the 'training' stage with Forex, or should I say 'learning' stage, and I seem to be up against the wall with when to trade pairs.

    Obviously they are manage from different places around the world, so I presume there is Start time, and a close time, and other factors to consider when trading.

    I think what would be great is to have a chart of the currencies that show in Australian time (or where you pick your local time zone) when the international exchanges are active, and what currency pairs belong to those exchanges?

    Sounds simple, I have put in hours of searching and I get bits & pieces, but nothing clear and simple.

    Any advice or links for more info will be appreciated, when I get enough info I will put this together for all us Aussies to see.

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    Default Re: Australian time schedule for global exchanges

    For example: If I were looking at EURAUD, I would see who trades it, what exchange, what the trading times are, probably in GMT, then I would calculate the local (Aussie) time here.

    I look at about 12 pairs.

    The point being, just by looking up this chart, I would see right away what times the exchange opens to trade that particular pair.

    Yes, I know you can trade any time, but I wanted to pinpoint the activity if possible.

    Thanks all>

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