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    This thread is aimed at the veterans of the board. Those who have been around for a long time and have witnessed market action over a number of years, specifically - "back when the market was thick".

    To give some context, my view of the market has been formed since about 2007. Back then I had just started to look at companies and had a very very basic understanding of market functions. To be honest, it wasn't really until about 2012/3 that I started to actually get somewhat of a decent idea of what was going on with regard to market functions and dynamics ..and that learning process is still compounding.

    I have heard members make reference to the old days, back before the GFC, where the equity depth was thick, stops were trustworthy and even the SPI had enough volume to attract the traders who these days seem to focus on HSI, FTSE etc.

    So what I want to explore is: What has changed exactly? Why people think this has changed? How your trading has had to adapt over the years, and what new changes can we possibly anticipate in the near term future?

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    Sorry I can't answer the above OP, but wanted to post this information somewhere and saw the topic.


    All Ords peaks that retouched same level after 5 or more years in the future (IE didn't go anywhere):

    1928 to 1942 (14 years)
    1936 to 1946 (10 years)
    1952 to 1957 (5 years)
    1960 to 1975 (15 years)
    1969 to 1982 (13 years)
    1986 to 1997 (11 years)
    2007 to Current (8 years on going)

    All Ords crashes that regressed to same level 5 or more years ago (IE didn't go anywhere):

    1931 to 1921 (10 years)
    1942 to 1928 (10 years)
    1953 to 1947 (6 years)
    1974 to 1961 (13 years)
    1982 to 1969 (13 years)
    1994 to 1986 (8 years)
    2009 to 2000 (9 years)

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