I am a complete newbie in the stockmarket. I would like to invest 5k dollars in Infratil, a NZ company that invests in infrastructure, retirement and energy.
I was told to go through a broker...I've looked around and have no clue where to start. I do not have a Commonwealth or NAB bank account (but do have Ubank savings account). I've looked at CMC markets as well. I also want to mention that I just want to start off investing with Infratil and hence won't be a frequent trader. This is a learning experience for me.

What broker based on my experience and expectations would you recommend? A platform that is easy to use and not too expensive. How does it actually work? How do I make sure I can have the account in my name? Is it possible to buy bonds through a broker as well? Do you think it would be best to start off buying bonds or shares?
I guess bonds would be a safer option though?

Thanks a lot for your help!