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    Default Financial markets during the trading week

    It was good to see there being so much action in the financial markets during the trading week.

    There were advances when it came to gold, crude oil and a number of other widely traded

    commodities. This all comes before the holidays this Monday. With there being much turbulence in

    the markets for the majority of the trading week, it was great to see that there was a bullish

    comeback for European and American equities on Friday. What we did notice is that the yen and the

    euro were relatively strong. On the other hand, the dollar was one of the weakest currencies during

    the trading week. We may see more losses for the USD in the next few days of trading.

    Source: FMtrader's review

    Good week to everyone

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    Default Global Commentary In The Financial Markets

    It was a quiet day in the financial markets as there was the extended Easter Holiday weekend in

    much of the developed world. In the Eurozone, there was next to no financial market activity. The

    most activity we really saw was in Asia and North America. There was some unexpected volatility in

    the markets due to the very thin trading. The most ambitious traders who were willing to take risks

    decided to initiate positions in some of their favorite assets. A trend which we continued to see was

    the dollar sliding into the abyss. We also saw the euro build on the impressive gains which it was

    able to cap last week. On the negative side, there was a lack of strength when speaking of the top

    Japanese stocks.

    Source: FMtrader's Review

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    Default Tuesday Economic Events

    It is unfortunate to say that there was a lack of bullish sentiment in the markets during yesterday's

    trading session. This comes after a trading which really saw a lot of bullishness. This shows just how

    quickly the situation in the financial markets can change from day to day. In addition, the investor

    confidence data which came out of the Chinese economy hurt Japanese and other stocks in the Far

    East. Moreover, there was a lack of decisive economic data published from the news wires on

    Monday. It was not that traders were so pessimistic; it was just that there was not so much to trade

    on. We saw the DAX make some moderate losses yesterday, as traders took out some of the profit

    which they made last week. There is set to be much economic data published from the UK and the

    US in the hours ahead. Make sure to follow this closely to make maximum returns.

    Source: FMtrader's daily review

    Good day people!!!

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    Default Today's Major Economic Events

    There was a massive rally in American and European stocks yesterday. This all came following the

    slide in Asian equities. Traders decided to long European shares due to the ECB saying that they are

    fully committed to QE for the Eurozone. This process is likely to lead to the revival of the Eurozone

    economy. There was a vital rally in US shares after days we saw assets in America go lower. It was

    great to see a return of risk appetite, but the reality is that the US economy is growing at a steady

    pace and the data published seems to be fairly positive. The Dow Jones was able to surge ahead

    yesterday, while there were impressive gains for a number of European indexes too. Positive global

    data is needed in the hours ahead in order to give European and American shares the much needed

    boost. Therefore, start opening your positions now!

    Source: FMtrader's daily review

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