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    Post TMX - Terrain Minerals

    Hi folks,

    TMX ..... makes its debut on 23032006.

    Key dates ahead for TMX may be:

    27032006 ..... positive spotlight on TMX???

    29032006 ..... minor (intraday)

    12042006 ..... negative cycle - finances???

    21042006 ..... significant and positive news???

    25-27042006 ..... 2 cycles here ... boardroom changes
    or a change of direction for TMX???

    08-09052006 ..... some good financial news???

    23052006 ..... significant, negative - flat response???

    29052006 ..... negative spotlight on TMX - flat???

    03-05062006 ..... finance-related changes???

    07062006 ..... minor news???

    14-15062006 ..... positive and aggressive rally??

    28062006 ..... minor

    29062006 ..... negative financial news???

    happy trading


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    Smile Re: TMX - Terrain Minerals

    Hi folks,

    TMX ..... fell out of bed, as disappointed
    stags bailed out, on listing of this stock.

    As per post above, if they sell TMX off
    again on friday, we may well see a buying
    opportunity ahead of positive news expected
    on Monday ..... ??? ...

    happy days


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    Default Re: TMX - Terrain Minerals

    SBM buys 17%. Go figure.

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    Default Re: TMX - Terrain Minerals

    17% is in exchange for the Celtic leases north of Tarmoola

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    Default Re: TMX - Terrain Minerals

    Sorry meant gets. My mistake

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    Default Re: TMX - Terrain Minerals

    Current SP is approx. 0.7 of asset value, this doesn't seem to be taking into account any possible upside (e.g. economic gold deposits).

    Anyone know anything about the projects TMX has?

    Business Description
    Terrain Minerals Ltd (TMX) is a gold explorer focused on the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. The company had the rights to 100% of 4 advanced exploration projects with known gold mineralisation and a combined JORC resource of 3.34Mt @ 2.12g/t Au for 229,500oz Au. Most recent ground aquisition have been undertaken at Black Cat and Great Western.

    (from Comsec)

    Is 2.12 g/t economic?

    229500 x 900 = 206550000 dolllars worth of gold.

    Undervalued at 6 million market cap?

    Would like some other peoples opinions.

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    Default Re: TMX - Terrain Minerals

    I don't hold this stock but a friend mentioned it. I notice it is up over 8% today.

    Any thoughts on the company?


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    Default Re: TMX - Terrain Minerals

    NICKELNickel Sulphides were found throughout the top 400m of hole AZRCDD011. Nickel assays ranged from 0.001% Ni to 0.25% Ni and averaged 0.1% Ni.
    Nickel sulphides at these levels have been observed in previous drilling on the eastern side of the Aztec Project in hole AZRC009 and Asd001.
    These results indicate a possible source of the nickel sulphides occur in the area along the eastern margin of the basalt which has a 6km strike length.
    Black shale
    The black shale intercepted in holes AZRCDD013 and AZRCDD015 were confirmed as the targeted EM anomalies.
    Assaying of the black shale intersections indicated the presence of highly anomalous copper and zinc. Zinc assays up to 1.0%Zn and averaging 0.6 to 0.7%Zn were observed in associated with copper which assayed 0.1%Cu. (Table 1)
    These intersections confirm the prospectivity of the area abutting the eastern edge of the Aztec basalt.
    This area has a 6km long strike extent within Terrain Minerals Ltd exploration licence.

    BLACK CAT JV ASSAY RESULTS (See announcement 8/5/12 for results)
    Terrain Minerals has received the assay results from the RC Drill program at Craig Extended. This is part of the Black Cat JV with St Barbara in which Terrain is earning 75%.
    The Drilling tested the 1km long gold soil anomaly at 200m intervals in the granite / basalt contact zone directly along strike from Old Craig Workings.
    Significant results as shown were encountered from the first ever drilling of the Craig Extended.
    Analysis is ongoing to determine future drilling requirements.
    Three other soil anomalies in the Black Cat remain still to be tested and includes extensions to old workings at Katalina and Craig.
    Attached Images
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