Hey guys,
I was lying in bed after doing some research throughout the night into hedge funds and quant funds. I could not help myself getting out of bed and making this post to seek some advise from the more experienced.

After much thought, I thought to myself that investing in Hedge Funds and REITs would probably presented less risk than stock picking (for me anyway). I had made some bad calls throughout my life and I have come to a realisation that I should allocate majority of my investment capital towards funds. Although, I will still pick stocks but perhaps only allocate a small % to play with to gather experience and minimise risk.

I am 27 years old now. My question is, is it worth getting into Hedge Funds with amounts such as 10K spread across perhaps 3 different funds (and sectors) and allowing the amounts to compound over 10-15 years? I like the idea of hedge funds providing consistent returns even during bear trends. I realise some funds have min investments of up to 500K, although there are some good ones that I found that require 10K and 25K respectfully.

Any advise on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.