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    Just wondering if any one can tell me how I can plot the O/H/L/C of the RTH and the H/L of the ETH on a ETH session template. I read on the NT forum that I could possibly divide the sessions into two and then the indicator could plot them seperately.

    ATM i can plot it on an ETH session but it doesn't differentiate between TRH and ETH.

    Thanks in advance.

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    For displaying RTH pivots, it is recommend to use a multi-session template that divides the day into the night session, regular session and after-session.

    So I downloaded an indicator of NT which will plot this but I need to figure out how to divide my time sessions.

    Thought I could make it abit clearer.

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    Default Re: Session template for ETH and RTH on NT

    Dw I semi figured it out.

    For future reference if any one needs help with it pm me.

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