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    Skydive the Beach Group Limited is a skydiving company with 11 existing drop zones across Australia. It is currently in the process of acquiring a further 5 drop zones on the eastern coast of Australia.


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    is this a blue sky investment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tightwad View Post
    is this a blue sky investment?

    I've heard of them while skydiving. I've done a bit of sport skydiving, though haven't jumped with Skydive the beach as they're more of a tandem factory. I didn't realise they were publicly listed. I'll have a look into them.

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    Just need one of these and the shares will certainly "dive" ......

    Made a spectacular debut with their IPO .......


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    Maybe they should hook up with the Martin Jetpack mob! Could be some synergies there.
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    It would appear NOT ....

    NEWLY listed Skydive the Beach says its plans to buy Australia Skydive are not affected by the death of two skydivers during a jump at Byron Bay in NSW.
    EXPERIENCED skydivers Michael Vaughan and Alana Clarke plummeted to the ground when their parachutes became tangled during a dive from 4000 feet (1200 metres) on Friday.
    Ms Clarke died at the scene and Mr Vaughan passed away on Saturday night after multiple surgeries.
    "The company expresses its sincere condolences to all those affected by this tragedy," Skydive The Beach said on Monday.
    The pair was involved in a week long training course with Australia Skydive, which Skydive The Beach intends to take control of after raising new funds in its share market listing.
    The accident was unlikely to change those acquisition plans, it said.
    "The board has concluded that the accident is unlikely to have a material adverse financial effect on Australia Skydive or on the financial forecasts included in the replacement prospectus in relation to Australia Skydive," it said.

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    This is going to start gaining some traction soon ....

    IT was meant to be a high point in the company’s 16-year history, but Skydive the Beach’s successful first day of trading on the sharemarket last Friday turned to tragedy following an accident at one of its dropzones that resulted in the deaths of two skydivers.

    After rising 56 per cent or 14c on their sharemarket debut, Skydive the Beach shares fell 5.5c to 33.5c yesterday after the company said its board “has considered the possible commercial and financial impact of this tragic accident, taking into account the applicable insurance position”.

    In its prospectus, Skydive the Beach said it was covered by public liability insurance and insured its assets and operations “in accordance with industry practice”.

    The accident occurred near Byron Bay around 3.30pm last Friday as Skydive the Beach chief executive Anthony “Bowie” Boucart and his team were celebrating the company’s share listing in Sydney.

    Isn't it great how the media twists everything. The company (Skydive the Beach) has NOT acquired the business (Skydive Australia) that the tragedy occurred at and somehow the media is portraying it to be their fault or at the very least link the two business's together. Yes the company (Skydive the Beach) is planning an acquisition of the business (Skydive Australia) and this was reported in a share sale deed in December 2014. But it has not gained control of the business per se' and yet the media is blaming this for the fall in the share price.

    Skydive the Beach planned to acquire Australia Skydive and its five sites, including the Byron Bay drop zone where Ms Clarke and Mr Vaughan died, with money raised from the float.

    ‘‘The board has concluded that the accident is unlikely to have a material adverse financial effect on Australia Skydive or on the financial forecasts included in the [company’s stock market prospectus],’’ Mr Ritter said.

    ‘‘It had therefore determined to proceed towards completion of the acquisition ...’’

    Maybe the general public who had bought into the initial IPO has had their thirst quenched of risk averse companies that allow humans to jump out of perfectly good aeroplanes. Either that or they were profit taking.
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    Having skydived on and off for over 10 years I've seen the reactions to plenty of fatalities, including friends. Of course everyone gets sad and upset, and rightly so, but while the grief and sadness seems (and is) bad, it is just part of the game when you're jumping out of aeroplanes, it is familiar and people quickly move on. The day I did my training course for my first jump there were fatalities at another drop zone in the same state. We still carried on and jumped.

    Commercially, within a few weeks at most, this will be irrelevant. It is just really unfortunate (commercially) that it happened when it did. Obviously for the people involved it is tragic whenever it happened.

    I must admit, I have seen a lessened importance put on safety in skydiving over the last 10 years and a change in the culture. There is also an increasing number of people getting into the sport, and obviously even with all else being equal, more skydivers means more incidents.

    I have been travelling for the last few months and only found out about the public listing a minute before my earlier post on this thread, and bought some today. I think it's a great investment long term. The skydiving industry looks to me like a clear case of long term growth. Skydiving is becoming easier (better equipment etc) than ever, everyone is coming into more disposable income, the general Australian/western culture is becoming increasingly narcissistic ("look at me everyone! I went skydiving! Click like! Tell me how cool I am!").

    As skydivers say to each other all the time: 'Blu skies'

    Respect and condolences to everyone involved in the tragedy.

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