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    Post MAR - Malachite Resources

    Hi folks,

    MAR ..... technically, a round-bottom and in a
    slow recovery mode ..... ticking up very slowly,
    building traders' interest .....

    happy days


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    Smile Re: MAR - Malachite Resources

    Hi folks,

    MAR ..... will be alert for a negative cycle
    to occur, around 06042006 ..... so will be
    looking to take profits, before then .....

    happy days


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    Question Re: MAR - Malachite Resources

    Quote Originally Posted by yogi-in-oz

    Hi folks,

    MAR ..... will be alert for a negative cycle
    to occur, around 06042006 ..... so will be
    looking to take profits, before then .....

    happy days



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    Smile Re: MAR - Malachite Resources

    Hi crackaton,

    MAR ..... simply taking profits and making better use of
    the funds while the price is going down, on anticipated
    negative sentiment ...

    happy trading


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    Default MAR - Malachite Resources

    Looks like this one slipped under the radar!!


    Assays for the first two of nine new drill holes at the Conrad Silver Project
    have been received.

    Very high grades of silver and associated base metals have been
    intersected in both holes.

    CMRD11: 3.1m @ 383g/t Ag, 0.68% Cu, 5.97% Pb, 0.26% Zn, 0.94% Sn and
    22g/t In; or 1,014g/t Ag 1
    eq .

    CMRD12: 1.4m @ 712g/t Ag, 2.32% Cu, 8.23% Pb, 5.46% Zn, 2.66% Sn and
    63g/t In; or 2,778g/t Ageq.

    when this hits the press the share price will take off

    only 18 million market cap
    something doesn't necessarily have to be proven to 'actually' exist to have an effect that mimics the very likelihood that it does

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    Default Re: MAR - Malachite Resources

    the drilling results for the remaining 7 assays will be reported over the next few weeks. this should confirm that they are sitting on a significant commercial deposit.

    some interesting info posted on SS

    About Conrad – The Conrad Silver Project is located about 20km south of Inverell in northern NSW The project is centred on the old Conrad mine, which last operated as a high grade, underground silver-base metal mine in 1957. MAR holds a 100% interest in tenements and rights to tenements covering the whole of the project area. Previous drilling by Malachite has confirmed continuity at depth of the main Conrad lode and has identified multiple lodes over widths much wider than historic mining indicated for the King Conrad part of the system. In total the Conrad and King Conrad lode groups have potential for at least 30 million ounces of silver in high grademineralisation where associated copper, lead, zinc and tin could double or even treble overall values, and the presence of the rare and highly valuable metal, indium, could also add important extra value.
    something doesn't necessarily have to be proven to 'actually' exist to have an effect that mimics the very likelihood that it does

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    Default Re: MAR - Malachite Resources

    this company could be sitting on a billion dollars worth of silver, copper, zinc, tin and yet the share price is tanking today? I mean even with the recent placement its market cap is miniscule!

    time to get these cheap I believe!!! just watch the share price rocket as soon as the remaining drilling assay results are announced!
    something doesn't necessarily have to be proven to 'actually' exist to have an effect that mimics the very likelihood that it does

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    Default Re: MAR - Malachite Resources

    Coming back a bit today.

    Comes off another cent and I will have a crack at this.

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    Default Re: MAR - Malachite Resources

    there are those of us practicing witchcraft who believe that gap at 19c needs to be closed before it can move on. lol

    Thought you may like this Imajica... (well some aspects of it anyway).

    Commodity boom to come to end: report

    July 26, 2006 - 8:34AM

    The commodity price boom enjoyed by Australia's miners is about to end with a thud, a new forecast report has warned.

    Access Economics, in its latest report on mineral prices, said it expects major retreats in prices for many commodities, including nickel, copper, alumina and lead.

    "The consensus among those surveyed ... is that this party - the best Australia has seen in a generation - is drawing to a close," it found.

    Access is tipping nickel prices to fall about 45 per cent between now and 2008, with slightly smaller falls for copper, cobalt, alumina, zinc and tin.

    "Prices of base metals (excluding zinc), alumina, cobalt, oil and coking coal are expected to fall from their June quarter peaks over the forecast period.

    "Prices are expected to fall by more than 15 per cent in each case, while copper prices are expected to fall by more than 40 per cent."

    Lead, platinum and zircon prices are tipped to fall by about 20 per cent.

    Access said while prices for most industrial commodities peaked in May, this was partly due to speculators and hedge funds.

    It warns this demand could prove fickle, slipping away quickly and leaving prices in free fall.

    One of the key exceptions, however, is in the precious metals area.

    "The prices of both silver and gold are expected to continue to increase over the forecast period," it found.

    "Gold is likely to benefit from continued tension in the Middle East and North Korea, while silver is expected to continue to be supported by the strength in gold prices and by strong industrial demand."

    However, Access has left open the possibility that its forecasts may be on the low side.

    It said continuing demand from China may keep a floor under prices.

    "Commodity forecasters, including Access Economics, have called the price peak before now, and they've been consistently wrong," it said.

    "That is because Chinese demand continues to surprise on the upside, while new supply continues to surprise on the downside."

    © 2006 AAP
    Brought to you by aap
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    Default Re: MAR - Malachite Resources

    cheers! thanks for the informative post!

    do you guys see potential in MAR?
    something doesn't necessarily have to be proven to 'actually' exist to have an effect that mimics the very likelihood that it does

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    Default Re: MAR - Malachite Resources

    I do see BIG potential in MAR, both short and long term. I actually wanted it in the August comp but you beat me to it (took TNG instead). If results from the other holes at conrad are consistent with the first two, then I expect a re-rating up to at least 30c. In the long term, the JV with Newmont at the tooloom gold prospect is their most exciting play, with Newmont commited to spending $1m in the next year on exploration and drilling.

    Up 18% today in anticipation of more conrad results. TNG only up 12.5%.

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    Default Re: MAR - Malachite Resources

    I was in MAR before the float. Dropped out a while back.Thinking of coming back. BUT, checked the thread and there has been no word since August of last year? Can someone suggest why that should be?

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    Default Re: MAR - Malachite Resources

    Quote Originally Posted by edogg75 View Post
    I do see BIG potential

    Me too, Left shoulder and all the buttons thnx

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    Default Re: MAR - Malachite Resources

    I've talked about MAR elsewhere, but interest was low, so I never bothered posting here, I've been in them since July last year.. I've bought on dips, most at 18.5c They have been very illiquid, wide swings in price, depending if someone wanted in or out. good news comes price spikes, then drops back... that has been the pattern...

    Was looking good for a breakout, but I'm not sure about the shooting star today, probably will see it retrace quite severly IMO. whether it then goes back into a sideways trading range waits to be seen, but with the amount of stuff they have in the pipeline, surely it has to break sometime before the end of the year (assuming they have some successes).

    Check some of the latest announcements for an inkling of what is coming up

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    Default Re: MAR - Malachite Resources

    These guys are mentioned in the Wise-Owl this week as a spec buy!

    buy price at 0.255 and 12 month target at 0.45

    Quoted from wise-owl.com

    Check list

    -Strong management team who have the hands on experience that will be essential for such a young company.
    -As they are still at an exploration stage, the company is running at a loss but have got a healthy cash balance of $4.2m.
    -Announcements from their main projects will be the key drivers going forward. These projects are in areas known to have high grades in the past.
    -Substantial shareholders include Straits Resources Ltd (6.02%).
    -Stock has broken out of a consolidation pattern to reach new highs.

    Growth Story
    MAR has been progressing well and with such positive numbers coming out of these projects, it is a stock to watch. Yes it is still at a junior stage but with the potential for strong news flow over the next two years there is potential for a bullish re-rating. The June quarter will be a busy period as a lot of news form several projects will be released and thus, potentially drive the share price of the company.

    At Conrad, drilling will continue with results being released in June. At Tooloom, initial tests at the two aeromagnetic anomalies to the north will occur after drilling is done at Phoenix. At a later stage drilling may shift to the Cullens intrusive system, where significant targets have been found from earlier exploration.

    Field work will also commence at Mt Lidster and Volga Elderberry and drilling is expected to commence before the end of the Quarter depending on the availability of a rig. Field work is also planned for other projects known as Abington and Oberon. These are still in the very early stages but any positive news will have an impact on the share price. MAR has got a very busy year ahead of them and if they perform as expected, they may well make that transition from explorer to miner in the not too distant

    Technical Overview

    Since it first floated on the market in November 2002, MAR has been trading in a volatile consolidation pattern, forming a strong base which it started to break out of into a potential bullish channel towards the end of 2005. A wedge that was created from 2004 reinforced this upward break. In the bullish channel, a flag break has led to the stock breaking out to test all time highs. Support lies at the 19c mark. Any fall below this will bring the bullish channel into question.



    My opinion is purely my own opinion and NOT yours, please do your own research. Thanks

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    Default Re: MAR - Malachite Resources

    Can't believe this hasn't been mentioned recently, considering with so much positive news recently.

    Rise today of 17.46% on good volume..

    First results extremely encouraging reaching up to 11.9% Cu and 1.9g au near Mt Isa. Drilling results should be seen within the next few weeks.

    They've also had results of 5600g/T (!) eqv. of Ag (silver) from Conrad ann dated 7/10/07

    Next month to Mt Lidster

    Malachite Resources NL (ASX: MAR) advises that drilling has
    commenced at its copper projects located northeast of Mount Isa in
    northwest Queensland (Fig. 1). At least 2,000m of diamond drilling is
    scheduled to take place at Volga Elderberry and Mt Lidster before the
    end of 2007.

    The initial target comprises high grade, massive sulphide lodes at the
    Volga Prospect, where the best intersection in earlier drilling was
    13.8m @ 2.9% Cu and 0.5g/t Au (including 2.5m @ 11.9% Cu and
    1.9g/t Au) and a recent geophysical survey has identified a series of anomalous electrical conductors. Separate, coarse to very coarse
    grained, disseminated chalcopyrite mineralisation in calc-silicate
    host rock (Fig. 2) will also be targeted. The geological setting at
    Volga is thought to be analogous to that of Ernest Henry and other
    iron-oxide copper-gold deposits in the region.

    Next month the rig will relocate to Mt Lidster, where previous drilling by the Company has intersected very encouraging copper mineralisation, including 18m @ 2.4% Cu (including 2m @ 9.8% Cu). This mineralisation is associated with a well defined linear structure which is variably mineralised with massive copper sulphide and copper-bearing quartz. Recent geophysical surveying has outlined several discrete electrical conductors both within and outside of this structure and these will also be targeted in the forthcoming drilling.



    • The King Conrad Lode intersected in CMDD50 is of very high grade, i.e.
    • From 84 to 85.17m: 1.17m @ 1,715g/t Ag, 3.9% Cu, 16.1% Pb, 5.0% Zn,
    3.4% Sn and 79g/t In.
    • Lower grade mineralisation adjoins the high grade lode zone.
    • CMDD50 is the best hole drilled at Conrad so far, with a silver equivalent1 grade in the King Conrad Lode of 5,600g/t AgEQ.

    Malachite Resources NL (ASX: MAR) advises that assay results for a further two holes drilled recently at Conrad have been received. The results for both holes are encouraging, with drill hole CMDD50 in particular providing a spectacular intersection, the best to date at Conrad.
    Speaking about the results, Managing Director, Garry Lowder, said: “These results show just how much metal can be packed into the lodes at Conrad. A cubic metre of ore like the CMDD50 lode intersection would contain nearly $10,000 worth of metal at today’s prices. It would take a grade of more than 4 ounces of gold per tonne for a cubic metre of gold-bearing quartz reef to hold as much metal value.”

    Importantly, the high silver assays are accompanied by excellent base metal and indium results. With lead currently worth more than zinc and the high prices being quoted for copper, tin and indium, the CMDD50 results strongly support the Company’s view that significant
    amounts of very high grade mineralisation like that mined in the past at the Conrad Mine remain to be extracted in the future.
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    Default Re: MAR - Malachite Resources

    still holding here very pleased I took up at least some of my rights issue as well. With a few assays still to go at Conrad and expectations over drilling at Volger Elderberry and Mt Lidster protentially causing some speculative anticipation, should see it holding above 30c now I would think, with spikes on any further positive announcements.

    MAR faired very well through the correction, considering the placement at 25c so now it is looking like the panic is over (in the general market) for now, and the money seems to be flowing back into specs, it should be in a good position to keep on heading north

    Information posted should be considered opinion only, and may have been arrived at through incorrect interpretations or assumptions... caveat emptor!!

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    Default Re: MAR - Malachite Resources

    Interestingly the last price in gfreshe's chart seems to have been the right hand lip of a cup and handle formation which is now apparent.

    10Moz of silver equivalent resource now announced, and it seems that they won't have too much trouble extending that to the 30Moz required for commercial development with further drilling. Should start to get some Mt Lidster/volger drilling results before too long, so a few good ones there should see some more increases too.

    current chart showing cup and handle attached.

    Attached Images
    Information posted should be considered opinion only, and may have been arrived at through incorrect interpretations or assumptions... caveat emptor!!

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    Default Re: MAR - Malachite Resources

    Malachite Resources Chairman and MD talks about the company's half year results and explains some company updates on Boardroom Radio: http://www.brr.com.au/event/43184

    Company website: http://www.malachite.com.au

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    Default Re: MAR - Malachite Resources

    Nice to see MAR going for a bit of a run today after some serious interest from the Chinese on their Silver resource.

    I guess was one of the few juniors with a decent resource not to recover from its march low, so its nice to finally see some good volume!

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