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    Default Simon Marais Rest In Peace

    Still young at 50.


    For those who know a lot about him, please leave tributes. I know we still have much to learn from him.
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    Default Re: Simon Marais Rest In Peace



    While a relatively shy person in private, Marais was well-known publicly for taking on companies such as Spotless, Roc Oil, Fairfax Media and APN. The contrarian investor's philosophy was simple, and he refused to deviate from it no matter what was going on in the market.

    He did not like the term "shareholder activist" but he believed that if a business or a aboard was not acting in the best interest of shareholders then it was his duty to try to do something about it.

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    Default Re: Simon Marais Rest In Peace

    This ASX video (I think it was May 2014) was recorded 14 April 2014. It introduced me to Simon Marais.


    Youtube link:

    I hope that the link works.

    Thank you skc for your contribution.

    It doesn't matter what your investing or trading style is: Simon Marais has earnt his respect and reputation as CEO of Allan Gray. Cancer getting him at 50 is too soon. He still had so much to do.

    As I am new to this field, many of people here can give me some examples of others who unfortunately left our planet too soon due to cancer for example. I do not care what their 'style' was, they have obviously earnt their reputation for at least one or more of us to notice.

    It is a sad loss for his family. It is a sad loss for Allan Gray. I regret not studying Simon Maris enough. I have so much to find out about him.
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