I have a nabtrade cash trading account that I opened a few years ago but never used as I did all of my trading through Interactive Brokers. I have recently opened a nabtrade margin trading account as I am becoming frustrated waiting for IB to reactivate margin for individuals.

I now have 2 nabtrade accounts, one cash and one margin.

I have been trying to figure out if there is any advantage to keeping the cash account open because as far as I can see there is nothing I can do with it that couldn't be done with the margin account? I can operate the margin account without ever buying on margin or paying margin interest, should I decide to deposit sufficient funds prior to settlement, which is how the cash account works anyway. And even if I have already drawn down on my margin and now want to purchase a stock for cash, I can still do that by again depositing sufficient funds prior to settlement.

I know there are some administrative differences between both accounts (i.e. how you get funds into the account), but apart from that is there any advantage to maintaining the cash account in addition the the margin? I am thinking along the lines of tax related issues - separation of stocks for instance - but I fail to see what difference that makes.