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    Angry Dell direct advertising

    Has anyone ever succeeded in getting off Dell's marketing list? Please, what's the secret?

    I now get a junk fax from them DAILY, plus TWO junk snailmail catalogues a month. I've tried every F*&K off contact they provide, plus phoning the 1800 number, and nothing's worked.

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

    (Grumpy) Ghoti
    Without music, life would be a mistake

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    Default Re: Dell direct advertising

    SAME HERE!!!!

    I just got another fax from them this morning, and its IMPOSSIBLE to get off their list. I will make sure if I EVER buy anything from them again I will provide bull**** details.

    Surely there should be laws against this, they should have to provide an unsubscribe number like with emails.

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    Default Re: Dell direct advertising

    There are laws against it, threaten to use them to your advantage:


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    Default Re: Dell direct advertising

    And which part would you quote to get reaction?

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    Default Msg for Dutchie Re: Dell direct advertising

    Dutchie, your PM is full. Cheers, Ghoti
    Without music, life would be a mistake

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