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    Had to open a thread on this story in The Age

    Blond-haired Caucasian: Deepak Dhankar's online dating lies lead to sex-fraud charges

    February 10, 2015 - 5:00PM

    A man deceived a woman about his appearance on a dating website and then engaged in sexual activity with her, but only on the condition she kept her eyes closed, a court has heard.

    Deepak Dhankar, a man of Indian descent and an average build, deceived the woman into believing he was a muscular, blond-haired Caucasian man named "Jamie", during exchanges on dating website Oasis, the County Court heard on Tuesday.

    The pair later arranged for Dhankar to visit the woman at her home, where the man let himself inside, found the woman naked in bed and "touched her sexually", prosecutor Russ Hammill told the court.

    Mr Hammill said the woman kept her eyes closed while with the man, and that it was only when they were in the shower - when the woman heard one of her children stir in bed - that she caught a glimpse that the man's skin was dark.

    Dhankar, 29, pleaded guilty to one charge of procuring sexual penetration by fraud for his offending of October 2012. The court was told the woman consented to the sexual activity, but only because she thought she was with "Jamie" at the time.

    Mr Hammill said once the woman realised who she was actually with, she became fearful for her safety and that of her children, and decided to "play along" when she returned to Dhankar in the shower, until he left her home.

    ....The court heard Dhankar had never shown any intention to harm the woman.

    So what is more disturbing here. Mr Dhankar describing himself as white, muscular Caucasian on Oasis (When he is an average sized most definitely Indian..)


    The woman inviting him over to play sight unseen and allowing him to get intimate with her eyes closed and the children in the other room?

    Thoughts ?

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    He probably haf an indiam accent toO. Sounds fake but if true thats hilarious.

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    Interesting find and answers a few concerns I've had:

    Meet The Healthy, Functioning Man Who Survived With Almost No Brain
    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ... just another day really.

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