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    Hey guys,

    Just need some advise.

    So the company CVT (Cyber Security company) has a market cap of 62 mil. However, their total net worth is only 2.2mil as of 2014 reports. Is this correct or Am i doing something wrong? Is the company trading way over its net worth because of its projected revenue growth or something?
    Also where can you read the outstanding shares remaining? For example in etrade is that data available? Or do you just depend on the market cap quote in the 'profile' section?

    Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ariyahn2011 View Post
    ... a market cap of 62 mil. However, their total net worth is only 2.2mil ...
    Share price is generated, not by value, but by AUCTION ACTION.

    *Deep Breath*
    Now all the "Value Investors" will invariably pop their collective heads above the trenches and shout about W.B. and C.M. and Share Price will oscillate towards true value (something not measurable because of intangibles and creative accounting)

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