Ive always been a curious individual. Always asked questions, too many at that.
Anyhow me and my friend decided to create a podcast where we discuss general events in our lives and elaborate on issues or particular events which have happened to us. The goal of this podcast was to create a platform so we can eventually get interesting guests on our show, have interesting conversations and record it for others to hopefully enjoy.

I think I can safely say that the opinions of my friends and I are not conformed to the general ideologies of society.
It has most likely been warped by psychedelic drugs (not me personally lol) atleast. We got the idea to create this podcast by being a fan of Joe Rogan (fear factor host as well as a host for UFC etc) and his unique perspectives on life.

Anyway me and my friend recorder a short podcast at the park discussing a few things, most likely will not appeal to the old timers on this forum. If any one here has had any interesting life experiences and would be interested in having a conversation with us where we discuss experiences, you are more than welcome to pm me. For example if you've worked in a trading firm, while snorting cocaine all day and being partly responsible for an economic meltdown hahaha.

By the way this is a non profit thing. It is purely for fun as well as heloing us improve the way we speak and possibly a medium for meeting interesting people.