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    Default Australia's flattening yield curve

    Anyone else noticed this over the past few months?

    Huge buying int he back end of all major economic curves in recent months but Australia is getting to the point now where we are verging on inversion.

    Does the mantra of an inverted yield curve = recession still stand or is this a new age?

    Interesting that the inversion is happening not because of hikes being priced into the front but rather just investors falling over themselves to buy the back - surely this can't bode well? In fact they are pricing in 1-2 more cuts in the near future as per http://www.asx.com.au/data/trt/ib_ex...urve_graph.pdf

    Always interested to hear the thoughts of the guys smarter than me on this.

    Aussie yoeld curve.png

    As the duck says - click to enlarge.
    I'm not an adviser. Nothing I say should be taken as advice.

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    Smile Re: Australia's flattening yield curve

    Yeah, heard the same sort of discussion on YMYC's Friday Bonds vs equities podcast. Thanks for the visual though kid!

    Seems the consensus is recession ahead!

    You making any dosh out of trading that curve yet?


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    Default Re: Australia's flattening yield curve

    nuh no good Canoz, gave it away after 18 months of struggling to get on top of it. think the trading style initially preached was out dated to be honest and i couldn't find a way to find enough to justify being there. place went under 3 months after i left - they must have broken down without there star pupil! full time work + ftse much better mix for me.


    would really like some discussion on this topic think its a really interesting issue at the moment.
    I'm not an adviser. Nothing I say should be taken as advice.

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