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    Lovisa was established in April 2010 and has quickly grown to be one of Australia's leading specialist fast fashion jewellery retailers. It has over 220 company owned stores across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa and franchised stores in the Middle East (Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia).


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    Woah, these guys run a seriously lean operation. $150m in sales. $16.5m in NPAT. $42m in assets (only $2m in goodwill), $11.1m in equity and $8.3m of that is in cash. Strip out the excess cash and arguably they are running their business with ~$5m in equity. They're turning their inventory every 5 weeks. Runs on an oily rag and has been pretty successful at rolling itself out so far. Not a lot of fat on the bones though, if something goes wrong.
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