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    Centuria Metropolitan REIT (CMA) consists of a portfolio of commercial and industrial assets with a combined independent valuation of $183 million. It has no development risk and a pure Australian property focus.

    Its assets are geographically diversified across New South Wales (five properties), Queensland (two properties) and South Australia (one property), and has a long lease expiry profile, high occupancy and good quality tenants. Low initial gearing provides scope for future acquisitions.


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    New poster here.

    Was wondering if anyone had thoughts on CMA? Relatively recent IPO, they almost went through with a merger with GMF but it seems to have fizzled.

    I like their boring business model and conservative gearing. Know some of the buildings in their portfolio as I live/work in the area of some of their investments in Sydney.

    Have been acquiring a parcel over the last month as part of a larger portfolio of mostly index funds and term deposits. Never was good at timing the market, if you look at the weekly chart it looks like a double top.


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