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    Default South Africa you bloody beauty!!!

    What a game and a SUPER result, especially given the comments made about choking and mental edge!

    I wish the ex-players would shut up, it's one of the main reasons I've stopped supporting some Australian teams, I'm sick of the arrogance shown by players and former players.

    One of the greatest sporting events I've seen and so good that we got beat.

    I hope Mick Lewis recovers after the battering, he actually earned my respect the way he carried himself, I'm sure he'll make a great replacement for Glen McGrath (if he can improve) as he certainly carried himself a million times better than McGrath would have if he was in the same position.

    Well done South Africa

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    Default Re: South Africa you bloody beauty!!!

    Hey , thats not cricket!

    I went to bed last night secure in the knowledge, with Australia finishing their innings 4 for 434 (a massive unbeatable total), of a glorious, coming from behind 0-2, victory.

    Shock, horror, when I wake up and we have been beaten!!!!!????

    I would have liked to seen that!

    Congratulations to South Africa - great entertainment for the crowd.

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    Default Re: South Africa you bloody beauty!!!

    what on earth happened???
    What kind of dodgy cricket ground can have nearly 900 hundred runs scored in 100 overs
    more importantly for me- why did I not watch this
    probably would have been the most entertaining game of all time
    unless your a fan of good bowling, in which case you'd be horrified

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    Default Re: South Africa you bloody beauty!!!

    I woke up this morning to the shock of us losing!?

    How did this happen? I know the pitch was great, the ground small, and the South Africans blood pumping chasing such a monumental total, but I dont understand how they could not manage to defend a total so huge.

    Well done to South Africa (mainly Herschelle Gibbs), but I am astonished by the way we managed to lose that match!

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    Default Re: South Africa you bloody beauty!!!

    Outfield was very quick it seemed also being at altitude in Johannesburg means the balls flies through the air a little better.
    But I don't think it is as important as rugby where the kickers seem to be able to kick goals from their own half there.

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