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    Hi everyone,
    I'm new here, I've been thinking about getting into the stock market or the forex for long time. I really have no idea how it works but really interested what was holding me back for years that I thought it's really complicated and I can't afford it. I want to have another income and create wealth over time for my family.my question is which one is easier for beginner stocks or forex and which one can give me profit instantly not to spend but to reinvest? I don have big money to start with May be $2000 not sure if that would be enough?
    Started to read share market for dummies and getting through it well however I feel it doesn't teach me the practical operation and a bit boring, any recommendation for books will be helpful as I'm still confused do I start reading stocks or forex. I need some good books for forex as beginners too and sorry for writing a lot.
    Any help will be appriciated
    Thank u

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    Lots of books in pdf about markets shared via torrents. Ones i liked i bought the hard copy of. There are no shortcuts mate. Lots of reading for you ahead. Don't worry about the cash at this stage unless you want to loose it. Maybe in a year or two. I know books are boring but most education is. Persist and you will be rewarded but it ain't going to happen quick.
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    I am new 2. Any good books or online advice available out there? Where can i look for the full company financial situation, works in the pipeline, future agendas, PNL statements etc etc?
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