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    Default Caroline Wilson

    Caroline Wilson is the worst sports reporter in the country.

    She has a vendetta against the Essendon Football Club which is contrary her professional standing as an objective observer. She has been part of a core group of AFL white-anters, trying to bring down our code. All in the name of a potential story. She thinks she's doing the right thing, but her motives are selfish.

    Her self preservation and the legitimacy of The Age now take primacy over the facts. The Herald Sun and Fox Footy have just about killed them. She is no longer relevant. Her bias is seen in just about every article you see. A couple of weeks ago she announced that James Hird was sacked. Nice work Caro.

    The most telling example is her reporting on Richmond. Have you seen a negative review of the Tiges? I doubt it. She is a Tigers supporter. She's so transparent, it's laughable.

    This women needs to be exposed as the joke she is.

    When was the last time she wrote an article actually analysing then game? Like, a game report? No, you won't find those because she doesn't report or understand the nuances of the game. She never played it. She can only report on the drama outside the game. Like a football paparazzi.

    A football paparazzi.
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    She is very accurate though and great with her sources.

    Most often comes through with the good.

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    Default Re: Caroline Wilson

    Shouldn't this post be in the "Religion is crazy" thread?
    just sayin' ...
    Artificial Intelligence is no match for Innate Stupidity.

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    Default Re: Caroline Wilson

    Caro sinks the slipper into Essendon and James Hird at every opportunity.

    Very plugged in at AFL House.

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    Default Re: Caroline Wilson

    Caro gets the truth. She has spys everywhere.
    I am sure she is right that Heard was asked to resign but Heard refused and we know he will break Essendon if he sues as he could sue for loss of future earnings, ruining of his name etc. etc. That is why he is still coach.

    I know people in Essendon and I can tell you they don't have much respect for Mark Robinson.

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    Default Re: Caroline Wilson

    I am not a fan of Wilson either. It's all very well to say she gets the stories but she is often wrong as well. I also don't like the way she just chases scandal and gossip. She was always writing disingenuous articles about Buddy when he was at Hawthorn, hinting at things that she would not dare to actually print. Don't remember her giving Dustin Martin at Richmond the same treatment. Plenty of better journalists than her out there IMO. I don't think you have to have played the game to write about it but you do need to understand it. I have never seen a match report from her either. I think to gain credibility as a footy writer you have to have a proven record of covering all facets of the game, not just the salacious. Otherwise she might just as well be a reporter for A Current Affair.
    Go Hawks!!!

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