You know what I would love to have, yet cannot find it after much google searching? I want a news feed that will highlight key economic events and news from around the globe in the bigger economies plus from our own backyard.

Time and time again I log into the news sites to see to much noise.

Do any of you have a news service that does this? Like, I want to obtain the latest jobs data from Oz and the US the instant they pop out onto my feed so I can analyze the impact.

Last Friday I was trading DOW futures (albeit on a MM platform), and the Jobs data popped out. Some reporters said that a huge decrease in unemployment may shake investor confidence due to fears the FED would raise rates in the US.

So, immediately after the data came out, there was a massive boost on my Candlestick. That boost was quickly eaten up and went back down to the original open price for that hour.

Lol, I guess what I'm asking for is a magic program that gives me feeds that are instant. Not asking for much am I? Hehehe