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    Default Commsec's new website sucks

    Commsecs new website is a backward step.
    Change for Change's sake.
    It gives less information and more eye candy and one ha1ve to drill thru endless adverts to get something useful.
    I suggest they look at the ASX front page - where I go for information now.

    If their IT people think the new site is better leave an option to use the old one and see how many people change.


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    Default Re: Commsec's new website sucks

    I don't like it either...when viewing a specific stock it seems to randomly change between the old format and new format. Both contain similar information but organised differently.

    Under the new format the screen scrolls around aggressively when you click a link, and I keep being redirected to overall market stats and away from the specific stock information I'm trying to browse through.

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    Default Re: Commsec's new website sucks

    In your watch list click the stock code and it takes you to the old format, clicking on the arrow at the end and going to research takes you to the new format.

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