can any one give me an idea on where and what to enter in etax the details for my wifes dividends for telecom NZ shares. would be a shame to have to see a tax agent or accountant just for 1 share holding.

she has a reasonable portfolio of shares most of which i have no trouble with come tax time dealing with dividends/franking credits/capital returns/tax deferred/capital gains & losses but this one being what i assume is foreign income even though TEL is listed on the asx that shows a supplementary dividend for australian shareholders that i assume negates the charging of NZ witholding tax. Figures are as follows in $AU

Dividend $75.63
Sup Dividend $10.01
Total Aus $85.64
NZ WHtax $12.85
Net Div $72.79

Do i declare the dividend as $85.64 and somewhere claim the NZ WHtax in item 13 or as $72.79
and do i enter this as foreign income in item 20 and if so which figure.