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    Default Volume/Range and Price patterns - Post links here

    Technically I believe these are the keys to successful discretionary trading.

    Im looking over a period of years to find as much as I can on the subject from sources all over the web.

    Its my intention to compile a practical application guide on the best out there for public use.
    My main effort will be towards PRACTICAL APPLICATION

    So much is written but very little is shared with putting the technical setups into a profitable trading method.

    So if you happen across

    (1) An Article
    (2) A Paper
    (3) A Book
    (4) A Video
    (5) A Discussion

    Please pop the link up here.

    Like this one Boggo Sent me


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    Interesting that I am compiling something that sounds similar. More futures focused than stocks however (not sure what your main focus is).

    I'll send you my work when I'm done. It will involve key setups: variations of these setups, a few points about the most important aspects of these setups, what context to trade these setups in etc.

    More importantly (IMO) what times to trade, what times not to trade, when to load up etc.

    Incredibly practical. That is my number one goal also.

    This may or may not be similar to what you are intending here. This may take another month or two still but it might be useful for you. When I'm done we can discuss it further.

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    Default Re: Volume/Range and Price patterns - Post links here

    Ahh, the dark art of trading, j/k. I, for one, look forward to the links tech/a. Thank you (and to so many others here on ASF also) for broadening my knowledge.

    Now, if I can broaden my skill set too...

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    Default Re: Volume/Range and Price patterns - Post links here

    Here are a couple of really good PDF's on the subject.
    Worth studying (in my opinion).



    These can take a while to load as they are big files.

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