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    Default Growing US isolationism in tandem with exclusionary policies toward China

    From the Economist this week. Extracted from an article ("The 70 Year itch") relating to the Bretton Woods institutions:

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    If you are interested, I'd be curious for your thoughts on:

    1. Is the US gradually withdrawing from world affairs and returning to its historically isolationist posture?
    2. What are the implications, to the world of investing and geopolitics, of China's efforts to counter exclusion by forming a parallel economic block?
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    Default Re: Growing US isolationism in tandem with exclusionary policies toward China

    part of me will be happy if the USA does become a little less likely to use it's military the way it has in the middle east. A bit more standing back and letting crap happen is probably what the world needs.

    I don't know how we accommodate the rise of China without giving up some of our security. They do seem to be acting as a bully in the region, and I wonder what they'd be like if they had a blue water navy that could project their military power outside the region. They may have to stop relying on the USA so much now they're one of the biggest investors in Iraq.

    Hopefully if the USA takes a few steps back the world will stop blaming them for everything. Quite often they're damned if they do step in and damned if they don't, yet no one else has the will or ability to step in if that's the best course of action. They certainly wont do it without he US military backing them up.

    As for China having less voting rights at the IMF / World Bank, I don't think they've been agitating for them. I could be wrong on that, but not read anything that indicates they really want it. They're quite happy to enjoy the benefits of the global trading rules, but don't seem ready / willing / able to actually help keep the systems running. That could be due to their still very immature banking systems, though some of their policy makers appear to be quite switched on about the main issues facing China and the world, so it's not lack of talent holding them back.
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