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    Yes really, I'm asking for advice.

    I need to buy a cordless microphone and a portable amplifier that I can use with the mike and a keyboard. The keyboard is a Casio mumble mumble; output from there to the amp will be through the headphones jack.

    I'm so clueless about this stuff that I don't even know what to ask for. The product information I've found on the web doesn't tell me a thing.

    Can anyone help with product or store recommendations? I'm in Sydney.


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    Without music, life would be a mistake

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    Default Re: Sound advice?

    Nobody knows about sound / pa / audio systems???

    Oh well. Can't be worse than trying to find a good accountant.

    Without music, life would be a mistake

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    I'd suggest Jaycar or Dick Smith, I'm not really sure what your trying to achieve?

    Couldn't you use the microphone to pickup the sound from the keyboard also?

    I've tried something with a keyboard using the headphone jack to the amp. and the distortion was terrible so I'd be cautious (it was over 10 years ago so quality would have improved by then)

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