Though I'd share this info since it doesn't seem to be widely known.

For those still working you can probably get a $15 MS Office 2013 license which can be used on 2 PCs. For an extra $15 they will ship you a CD.

If $15 is more than you're willing to pay then a free option is to install the Word / Excel / Powerpoint online apps within the Google Chrome Browser. The only catch is you will need some form of internet access to use the apps.

The first time you access any of the Microsoft online apps you will need to sign in with your microsoft account ie hotmail / live / outlook username and password.

The advantage of this is you can save the files to your one drive so have access to them on any PC with the online apps.

office 2013 and 2010 can integrate with onedrive as well, so you can save all you files there and not have to worry so much about backing up files. You can install a onedrive app on your PC to provide easier access. Works pretty much the same way as google drive or drop box etc.