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    The largest Australian based hotel and resort marketer and operator, Mantra Group has over 11,000 rooms under management for owners in properties across Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.


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    One analyst, Sam Treeger triggers selloff of Mantra stocks with a low of $3.50 forecast. Says AirBnB is taking market share. Obviously people believe this and the share price is retreating.

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    Henderson Global Investors were reported to be aiming for FUM of $15B in Australia within 5 years. Notice today of being a large holder of > 5%. One parcel bought for near $3.70. Nice price knock down from one analyst Sam Teeger and now a pickup after the selloff from a reputable Fund.
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    Mantra in trading halt pending capital raising for acquisition. The papers got the news before the public release.

    Brokers UBS and Macquarie will launch a $100 million cash call for Mantra Group on Wednesday morning, according to fund managers.
    The raising is expected to support an acquisition and be done via an institutional placement.
    Mantra shares went into a trading halt just before the market opened on Wednesday.
    Fund managers are awaiting details from the bookrunners.
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    Interesting little development here. So one analyst suggests AirBnB is taking market share but when you think about it, share accommodation and specialised/designed accommodation are very different. Price tanks and then a Fund picks up some sizable parcels in the $3.70 range. Hmmm. Plot thickens.
    Now an institutional capital raising that was well advanced because a $100mil. deal has gone through one day after announcement at $3.95.

    Soooo. Was this a nice little knock down -> pick up. Oh don't be silly.
    Never let anyone dictate your life path.

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    MTR Share Purchase Plan finalised at $3.84. Todays market price as low as $3.61. Happens a lot.
    A genuine reason for resigning presented by CFO?
    Never let anyone dictate your life path.

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