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    This small cap. explorer has been on a bit of a run of late... With Au/Ni projects in WA, an Au Proj. in NZ, a Ni/PGM prospect in South Africa, and exploration properties in Cambodia - i like the look of it... Been a bit under the radar since listing (early 04) but they seem to be spending money reasonably - have a small float (~19m shares + equal Opts.) and seem to be warming up... Were quite closely held til last week - but the market depth still looks solid (in that respect)...

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    Looking interesting - dunno what is causing the price/vol movements... the Cambodian Project is very interesting - am guessing it is in an unmined part of the country (absolutely no pun there - i am serious)... same geographical location as Laos and look what has passed there in the last 6 years (Sepon, Phu Kham), Hun Sen (P.M. - with bad hair cut, bad chain smoking habit, and an even worse temper) would love to see investment in there (i just hope they are no more/less corrupt than Laos)... the South Af. project is interesting, but their new BEP regulations have already started to make doing business there less attractive (not UNattractive - just less so)...

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    Hi one and all,
    very good results today in the ann. Trenching produced results of 61.8 g/t gold,73 g/t silver and 9.12% copper. Also has platinum and nickel in Sth Africa. Has anyone had a look at this one or have any thoughts on its potential. fairly low cap with only 55m shares.

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    Wow thanks for pointing this one out, that's a NICE looking graph, I would be interested to hear more opinions too about the existing uptrend and if its going to continue!

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    Thought the same thing so I snapped em up 4 minutes after the ann and they then went straight back to the days starting point

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    in and out at 29 after the ann today expected it to run a bit but not enough volume :/

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    Ok , had a good look at the chart, risky one, seems to be flagging, might place a buy @ 0.25c depending on the DMI and slow Stockastic, but both these indicators have me out for now, the upside is still tight going on the trendlines 0.32c , so im thinking buy @ 0.25c and place sell 0.31c tight.

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