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    The Blue Sky Alternatives Access Fund Limited (BAF) will be a listed investment company mandated to invest in a diversified portfolio of alternative assets managed by a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Sky Alternative Investments Limited.

    The Fund's objective is to achieve pre-tax returns (net of fees) on the Investment Portfolio in the long-term that are higher than the Hurdle Rate (which is a fixed rate of 8.0% per annum), through long-term capital growth and dividends by investing in a portfolio of Alternatives. The Investment Portfolio will be a portfolio of funds and investments managed by Blue Sky Entities.

    The Company will provide investors with the opportunity to access an actively managed portfolio and gain exposure to the investment experience, expertise and track record of Blue Sky Entities.


    It is anticipated that The Blue Sky Alternatives Access Fund Limited (BAF) will list on the ASX on June 16th, 2014.

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    Opinions anyone, down about 5% from its listing price, bit of a new fish (just what are alternative investments?) With what and how it invests, been looking at a parcel for my SMSF as the manager seems to have very good track record.

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