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    Post HGO - Hillgrove Resources

    Hi anyone interested in Hillgrove Resourses? The speculator has a good report in The Bulletin this week. Hartleys the broker also.

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    Hi Pancho,

    You have just recently joined.....welcome!

    I think you may have found something here Pancho.........well done.
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    Been watching these guys for a while - Kanmantoo looks like a good mid-size prospect... with the resource re-calc. in the next qtr. i would be expecting some more rises in the not too distant future - the gold discovery the other day was also a nice surprise - since one of the downers (in my opinion) was the low-grade nature of the Au assays... of course high grade Au and Cu has its own issues but - not insurmountable... not too sure about the CBM project but Kanmantoo alone is shaping up into a very exciting prospect...

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    Smile Re: HGO - Hillgrove Resources

    Hi Ann @ sodapop,using a point@figure weekly chart points 26 to 28 cents at this stage .then there will be lots of soda pop

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    Like I said in the chart breakout thread,

    Is this a breakout above 22-23c or a double header at 26c time will tell, I think the stock may range between 22-26c for next few days to weeks then should push up through 26c

    I don't hold (Was on my watchlist though)
    Note: I am not a Financial Adviser, nor are any of my posts intended to be financial advice, they merely express my own opinions

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    Yeah - looks like a break from its trend (which wasn't all that bad in itself...) i hope it doesn't consume itself by running too hard too fast... Looks pretty good now and it seems that the wider market has recognised it - since liquidity has gone nuts... Sempra Energy is a good sign - along with the financing and offtake agreement - they have an aggressive drilling campaign underway right now - and the past results give reason to beleive that there is more high-grade near surface Cu - with known metallurgy (and some undetermined Au) yet to be uncovered... I wish i had bought the opts in stead of the FPO's - oh well... I am wondering if there hasn't been some more info. leakage causing the recent breakout???

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    Hi all , my chart for HGO for friday looks fine to me any opinions for next target??
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    I think that Hillgrove Resources is an excellent diversified minerals stock with strong upside. I especially like its gas interests in NSW and also its stake in Intermet Resources (ITT), its uranium spin off. I also saw last weeks article in The Bulletin. It is my opinion that both Hillgrove and Intermet have an exciting future ahead of them.

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    Hi guys.. has anyone had a look at this stock?..

    it seems to have some potential, especially with its Kanmantoo project in SA, with a current mineral resource estimate of 25.375 Mt @ 1.0% Cu and 0.2g/t Au + possible garnet production

    any thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleeper88
    Hi guys.. has anyone had a look at this stock?..

    it seems to have some potential, especially with its Kanmantoo project in SA, with a current mineral resource estimate of 25.375 Mt @ 1.0% Cu and 0.2g/t Au + possible garnet production

    any thoughts?
    Anglo Pacific Group Plc (AGP) holds this stock. Generally, AGP picks good mining stock, just name a few: OMC, and MRU.

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    Third Quarter activities and cash flow report just released - looks very promising

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    suspended today - anyone got any thoughts about this ?

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    HGO getting some good press lately, see article from The Australian today. Was also covered last month in the same paper, as well as good reports elsewhere about their $10+ profit for the last 12 months.

    Hit its highest SP for the last 5 years over the last 2 weeks.

    And today they had another good announcement of a resource upgrade, but the sp dipped slightly, after hitting high of 39cents. Closed at 36.

    "Total contained copper metal has increased to 290,000 tonnes and contained gold to 216,900 ounces."

    Im not in, anyone else showing any interest here, or have a view before i take the plunge?

    Uranium is not the only game in town

    April 30, 2007

    FORGET uranium for the moment, the rest of the resources world is more than alive with some decent offerings thank you very much.
    Take the early morning announcement from Hillgrove Resources for example.

    The David Archer-led copper hopeful has lifted the total resource base for its historic Kanmantoo project by 19 per cent to 33.4 million tonnes. At the same time, it has also improved the indicated resource base by 32 per cent to 23 million tonnes.

    Total contained copper now stands at 290,000 tonnes and gold assets at 216,900 ounces.

    It is the indicated category which will form the foundations for the current Definitive Feasibility Study and will give them scope for stretching out the mine life.

    Hillgrove is looking for both an open pit and underground operation at Kanmantoo which is a veteran operation amongst Australia's rich resources history.

    David Archer has been around the block in various guises, most notably as the man behind Savage Resources which fought a legal battle with the former Western Mining over the Ernest Henry mine in outback Queensland.

    Archer was also a player in the domestic telecommunications scene at one stage.

    Kanmantoo is 55 kilometres south east of Adelaide and copper has been found there on and off for the past 160 years.

    Hillgrove has high hopes for a Kanmantoo resurrection and is looking at a mining start early 2009.

    Importantly, Archer says that Hillgrove is blessed with road, rail, water, power and accommodation and that puts it in a good position to emerge as a mid-tier copper producer.

    Hillgrove is looking at 19,000 tonnes of copper production annually and 6000 ounces of gold. But who knows, all that could change if the resource keeps bulging out.

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    The hills are alive with the sound of buying. Some nice announcements lately including a claim to have the next Olympic dam ><

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    Smile Re: HGO - Hillgrove Resources

    Been a while since anyone posted on these.

    Closed today at 56.5c and had a high of 58.5c.

    Part of the reason for the rise is HGOs share in ESG which has increased on positive news.

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    October 11, 2007 (www.minesite.com)

    Hillgrove Is Gas Powered
    By Our Man In Oz

    Buy one: get one free. It sounds like the sales spiel heard in a fruit market, and not on a stock exchange. But if you look carefully at the emerging South Australian base metals miner, Hillgrove Resources, that’s pretty much what you get thanks to a well hidden asset. While most interest in Hillgrove is focused on its flagship project, re-development of the historic Kanmantoo copper mine on the outskirts of Adelaide, there appears to be little interest in a strategic position Hillgrove has in a company developing a coal-seam methane project in New South Wales. The oversight is understandable. Few investors with an interest in metals take much notice of oil and gas assets – and the other way round. It was a mistake made by Minesite’s Man in Oz when visiting Kanmantoo and chatting with the company’s chairman, Dean Brown.
    After looking at the large hole which is what Kanmantoo is today, an openpit last worked in 1976 by the once-great Broken Hill South, conversation turned to funding the re-development given that the Hillgrove board expects to receive the results of a definitive feasibility study on the project in the next three-to-four weeks. That’s when Brown, a former Premier of South Australia, politely drops into conversation Hillgrove’s position in a business called Eastern Star Gas. Minesite confesses great ignorance, and Brown delights in breaking the news that Eastern Star has been somewhat of a star lately, and that Hillgrove’s stake in the business is worth close to A$100 million.

    It’s that number which momentarily stops the talk because Minesite had just been looking at Hillgrove’s capitalisation which, at the time, was about A$100 million. Please explain, was the next question to Brown. How can Hillgrove itself be valued at A$100 million when it owns an investment worth A$100 million, plus Kanmantoo and an equally promising zinc project a few miles away called Wheal Ellen? The answer is simple. The market is either overlooking Eastern Star, or it’s assigning no value to Kanmantoo – hence the remark that this really is a situation where you buy one, and get one free.

    “We see the Eastern Star position purely as an investment,” Brown said. “But it’s proving to be an extremely valuable investment.” Obviously! In fact, the investment will go a long way to providing the leverage Hillgrove needs to fund work at Kanmantoo, a project which it sees as being developed into a mine yielding around 20,000 tonnes of copper and year, plus a valuable by-product in large quantities of garnet, an industrial abrasive. Before looking at exactly what’s happening at Kanmantoo, a final word on coal seam methane. In Australia, as in the U.S. and in some other countries, coal seam gas is becoming a valuable energy source. Along Australia’s east coast, which houses the world’s biggest coal export mines, there is so much gas that Santos, the country’s second biggest oil company, is planning a liquefied gas export project based on coal gas. The Eastern Star asset, near Gunnedah in northern NSW, has the potential to be a major money-spinner as a source of energy for electricity generation.

    With a handsome plum in his pocket Brown and his fellow directors at Hillgrove, including the highly-qualified chief executive, David Archer, will soon be faced with a decision on whether to commit to turning Kanmantoo back into a working mine after 31 years in mothballs, and a one-time role as a practical classroom for South Australian mining engineering students. If the re-development wins board approval it will commit Hillgrove to a major earthmoving exercise to “lay back” the existing walls of the 120-which metre deep pit to get at the orebody which averages about 1 per cent copper. In theory, the existing pit will be expanded from one measuring 400-metres by 600-metres (and 120-metres deep) into something double the size, being 1200m x 600m and 270 metres deep. For that effort, Hillgrove can expect to extract around two million tonnes a year of ore, and about 10 million tonnes of waste.

    The good news for all that effort is that the Kanmantoo orebody appears to get richer as it gets deeper. The bad news is that it is regarded as a complex geological system, which explains why Hillgrove has undertaken a major drilling program to get the best possible understanding of the structures it proposes to mine – following in the footsteps of BH South, and generations of Cornish tin miners who migrated to South Australia from the 1840s on to try their luck in the minefields of a region better known today for its wine, beef and exquisite scenery. From the edge of the Kanmantoo pit it is possible to see mile-after-mile of rolling hillside farms, stretching almost to the south coast and prolific wine-producing country (when not in drought).

    While the Hillgrove board waits on the results of the definitive study it has been tossed a wild card which might make a development decision a little easier. The latest drilling results from Wheal Ellen are very impressive, including individual assays of up to 21 per cent zinc, 11.1 per cent lead, and 4.5 grams a tonne of gold. Investors lapped up that report, lifting Hillgrove shares by about 12 per cent on the day to A42.5 cents. The overall picture of Wheal Ellen, after allowing for lesser, but still high-grade results, is that the project is fast taking on the appearance of a look-alike to the nearby Angas zinc mine being developed by Terramin.

    More work is needed at Wheal Ellen, including a fresh drilling campaign when a rig can be located in a booming Australian exploration sector. But it is looking like Hillgrove might have a second hidden asset to join its Eastern Star investment. Wheal Ellen could easily become a Hillgrove’s second mine in a region which once dominated base metal mining in Australia, and is long overdue for revival, including a more detailed look at the regional geology and its excellent exploration potential.

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    Long time since any comments, has been a bit of interest shown in this stock lately and some price upward movement after the big fall.


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    anyone know why there is a recent increase in volume and demand for HGO

    surly its not because of the strategic stake they have in ESG

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    Quote Originally Posted by agro View Post
    anyone know why there is a recent increase in volume and demand for HGO

    surly its not because of the strategic stake they have in ESG
    Well, I'm sure it doesn't hurt their sp....
    HGO mc is 112 mill at 0.36

    HGO hold 23.1% of ESG (mc of 485 mill at 0.69) = 112 mill... Thats nice..
    They also hold 29.1% of ITT (mc 13.1 at 0.26) = 3.8 mill

    Cash in January of 3.4 mill
    Placement in March for 6.3 mill

    Kanmantoo construction due for completion April next year!
    Kanmantoo NPV assessed as 72 mill based on forward copper curves, 152 mill at 3.5 USD/lb, or 216 mill at 4 USD/lb (we're allowed to dream...)

    Exploration propsects look not too shabby and just got more interesting with the proposed merger with ITT.

    Risks - energy wasn't a scarce commodity after all and ESG sinks in to oblivion taking HGO sp with it...

    Other than that, it looks like a value proposition to me...

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