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    Hi there, I am trying to find out what my best option is with regards to withdrawing money from my Australian broker(IC Markets and AxiTrader) to a New Zealand bank. From what I gather every time I do a withdrawal i get a fee of around $50. $25 from the Australian bank and then another $25 for the banks to receive it here in New Zealand.

    Any other options out there to at least try and slash the fees down to half. I find $50 to be on the high side.

    I'm with Kiwi Bank in New Zealand. Any suggestions or is this just something I have to be content with and pay $50 for every wire transfer?


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    Default Re: Forex Traders in New Zealand (Bank withdrawals + fees)

    You may just have to suck this up with the only respite being that when you transfer funds do so in large lots so that the fee/$ transferred is not so hurtful.

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