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    I guess that the cost of excess production is built into the current vehicle prices.
    Seems excessive and a result of (constant) poor planning or is it an abuse of government subsidies ?

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    Look at all of those cars. As the story states: they won't discount the price of cars. I was looking at cars today but I walked away thinking that I have to save my money instead.

    What a waste! All that steel, plastic, energy, etc invest into cars that do nothing but sit dominant.

    Australia has goned from the one of the most subsidied car manufacturer country to the least subsidied over the last 60 years??

    Those excess cars should be shipped to Australia and we deserve cheaper cars. Instead, we pay a premium. I better stop ranting. Looking at those aerial shots makes me want to
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    I'll "dispose" of one of them if that helps.

    Just leave the brand new car in my driveway and I'll take care of it. I won't even charge for taking it.

    More seriously, a few years ago there was a lot of debate about where we're headed with inflation versus deflation. Looking at it today, it seems that we're living in world where we've actually got too much of just about everything. Too much coal so they have to shut mines, too many cars that can't be sold, too many planes so they can't fill them up, too much corn so they turn it into ethanol, too many buildings in China with nobody using them, too much aluminium so they're closing factories, too many music festivals so they can't sell all the tickets, too much electricity so we've mothballed entire power stations. Etc.

    Too much supply points more to a deflationary outcome, doesn't it? About the only things I can think of where we don't have excess supply are oil and rare earths but apart from that we seem to have more supply than demand for just about everything.

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    Default Re: Unsold Cars

    It's the same old cycle...note nought demand and too much capacity....leads to less capacity until there is more demand...

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    I keep seeing this pop up, and I'm really skeptical about this. Apart from the fact that it is so poorly written - there is nothing to document or confirm the hyperbole of what the author constantly restates

    We literally cannot make enough of them. Below are seen just a few
    Below, as far as the eye can see, right into the background, cars, cars and more cars.
    I would guess they may have been taken away and recycled to make room for the next vast production run.
    Maybe it's right, but who can say? Certainly not this guy, who used Google Earth to screenshot a few shots of cars, and claim these are masses of unsold cars going to waste.

    They don't look all that different to me than the massive sprawls of cars I have seen here in Australia; where the car companies keep their hundreds/thousands of cars that aren't at car yards (Because they can't all be kept there). When a person buys a car from a car yard, a staff member will go and collect another model from one of these lots.

    There could be any number of reasons.

    Sorry, it just bothers me when stuff circulates the internet like it is fact.

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    That Zero Hedge Article On Unsold Cars is Bull****


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