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    Default The push to increase public service working hours

    Government departments aiming for an increase ordinary working hours as part of enterprise agreement negotiations is not new, but this trend may now be accelerating.


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    I don't know if the APS is the same, but when I worked in the state PS (Tas) there was a very loose correlation between work output and hours worked.

    In short, there is a small percentage of slack or incompetent staff in the PS certainly, but then you get that in most organisations with a huge number of staff. The real problem is the stupid rules they work under which are basically designed to ensure that nobody outperforms or innovates.

    Ordinary public servants doing their jobs cop a lot of unfair criticism in my view. They aren't the ones who make the silly rules in the first place, they just have to follow them and most would be more than happy to see a reduction in silliness and a greater focus on doing useful work.

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