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    Is anyone else following The School on ABC. ? This is a reality program set in a north England secondary school.

    The School is a community college that has a new Principal who is determined to improve the quality of the students education and equip them for life.

    It is a griping program. I just saw Episode 6 which focused on the drive of the Deputy Head to get his students over the line for they Year 11 exams.

    There are currently two episodes still available for view and I was interested in hearing what other people have thought about the series, the students, the teachers and English society in 2013.


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    When I went to school (70's and early 80's), it was a disciplined but fair environment. That in my view is a good start.

    It was my spelling though that was crap.

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    Just realised I hadn't posted an URl for "The School" on ABC Iview

    Its worth investing an hour of your life... I think just seeing the first 3 minutes should make you sit up and take notice.



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