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    Thumbs up April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    Good morning everyone, and welcome to the April 2014 stock tipping competition entry thread!

    This month's stock tipping competition is proudly sponsored by eToro. As the leader in social trading, eToro provides a simple, transparent and enjoyable way to invest and trade in currencies, commodities and indices online. See who is trading what in real-time, follow the best performing traders and automatically copy what the best traders do. It's the smarter way to trade.

    With more than 1.5 million users worldwide eToro make financial markets accessible to everyone. Join eToro today and experience the difference for yourself!

    A quick recap of the rules for those not familiar with them:

    1. You MUST have a minimum of 10 posts to enter.

    2. Each entrant may choose one ASX listed stock. Options, warrants and deferred settlement shares are not permitted.

    3. Stocks with a price of less than $0.01 are ineligible for the competition, as are stocks that are currently suspended from trading.

    4. The winner is the entrant whose selected stock performs the best in percentage terms between April 1 and April 30.

    5. The maximum number of entrants in the competition is 100.

    The competition winner will receive $100. The second placegetter will win $50 and the third placegetter $25.

    You have until midnight on Monday, March 31 to enter. However, in practice, entries can be submitted until this thread is closed. No entries submitted after that can be accepted for any reason.

    Those who qualify, please post your entries in this thread. Remember, once you have selected your stock, you CANNOT change it for any reason. Also, you must be qualified when you enter.

    Each month we usually have some members who do not qualify for the competition but enter anyway. If someone who has selected a stock hasn't yet qualified for the competition, their stock is officially up for grabs! Just mention it when you post your entry.

    Best of luck to all entrants!

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    Default Re: April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    Just a reminder to those entering to please post a brief reason explaining why you chose that particular stock. One or two sentences is enough, although more is always welcome.

    If the stock and the reason for entering it are the same as the previous month, please feel free to simply post the same explanation again.

    Many thanks!

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    Default Re: April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    AVB thank Joe. To give the background, attached is a recent media report on AVB

    The long road to Brazilian success
    Wednesday, 19 March 2014

    Justin Niessner

    AFTER six years of patient development in a rocky copper space, Avanco Resources is now assessing the timeline of its Brazilian properties in mere months.

    With encouraging drill data continuing to be filed, the company is planning to finish studies at the Antas copper project (part of the broader Carajas portfolio) in three months with commissioning in first quarter of next year.

    Four diamond rigs are in operation on the project’s stage 1 development area known as Antas North, with standout results including 31m at 2.72% copper from 25m, 54m at 3.03% copper from 25m, 33m at 3.97% copper from 86m and 26.1m at 5.35% copper from 47.9m.

    Updates from the program led to the Avanco board approving first development expenditures as well as a $US12 million ($A13.9 million) royalty-based investment deal with BlackRock World Mining Trust and $58 million in senior debt with Brazilian bank Banco Votorantim.

    On top of this, the company recently raised $A18.1 million via a share placement to fund early works at the site.

    Preproduction capital requirements for Antas before contingency and owner’s costs have been estimated at $50 million.

    Feasibility results defined a net present value of $224 million with an internal rate of return of 94% and a payback period of only nine months.

    Avanco began drilling at Carajas in early 2008, gradually preparing a consistently growing resource for a two-stage development plan, which is now expected to involve initial production at Antas North followed by exploitation of its larger neighbour, the Pedra Branca project.

    Resources at Carajas include 560,000 tonnes of copper and 500,000 ounces of gold at Pedra Branca as well as 183,000t of copper and 135,000oz of gold at Antas North.

    Along with a relatively minor contribution from the Antas South site, the combined project suite holds a total of 67.9 million tonnes grading 1.22% copper and 0.32 grams per tonne gold for 828,000t of copper metal and 700,000oz of gold.

    Production for the first three years at Antas North has been tipped to average 11,900 tonnes per annum of copper and 7800 ounces per annum of gold at a C1 cost of 84c per pound.

    The cost includes treatment charges, refining charges, royalties and freight less gold credits.

    The feasibility update comes on the heels of a $US1000 per tonne drop in the value of the red metal over the course of 2013 as increasing global mine output pressured a tight supply-demand dynamic.

    Copper was last trading at about $6530/t.

    Recent research has confirmed that a seven-year timeframe between discovery and production is the industry norm but the fact that Avanco has been able to match this pace with a robust but remote flagship over such a volatile period for copper pays tribute to the underplayed benefits of developing in Brazil.

    Few people in the industry need be reminded of the mining advantages of this country, where foreign investment began scraping the $200 billion mark as far back as 2007.

    This momentum has experienced a significant slowdown in recent years, however, with the Brazilian Mining Institute flagging a 30% drop in mining investment since 2012 on uncertainty over plans for a new mining code and general difficulties of doing business in the country.

    Investment in Brazil’s mining sector fell to $53.6 billion for 2014-18 compared to a $75 billion estimate for 2012-16.

    For many investors, the ongoing overhaul of the country’s mining code has been a painfully slow process of modernising 36-year-old legislation and the cause of rampant speculation on the state of the local industry in the medium term.

    But bureaucracy bickering aside, this four-year-long (and still running) policy makeover also serves as a reminder of Brazil’s commitment to unfolding long-range projects with an eye for deferred but worthwhile goals.

    As part of its evolution, the world’s 10th largest economy and home to the world’s second largest miner (Vale) expects to transform the Carajas region over the next decade into its premier mineral production province.

    In January the Brazilian National Department of Mineral Production approved continued works at Pedra Branca, paving the way for further regulatory submissions and illustrating government support for development of the region.

    The green light also supports confidence in the feasibility of Avanco’s broader Carajas portfolio and tightening plans for initial development through Antas.

    The project’s civil engineering geotechnical drill program and condemnation drilling have been completed while ongoing drilling aims to outline a maiden reserve within weeks.

    Avanco has also commissioned the start of a detailed tailings dam design.

    It seems that development of the Carajas region and the Brazilian economy in general is turning out to be more inconvenient proof for anxious investors that timelines are sometimes hard to nail down in this industry.

    Perhaps more importantly, it also demonstrates that support from major institutions and a healthy dose of patience are always among the most essential ingredients to success.
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    Default Re: April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    Although the scope for recovery at the rate set last month will not be as great this month, I will nominate FXR again as my stock pick for April 2014. I see further uncertainty ahead and gold continuing to hold its' luster against bonds and the US$.
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    Default Re: April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    FAR thanks Joe


    19 March 2014
    Shareholder update

    • Drilling offshore Senegal to commence in April
    • Positive news from Sunbird - 1 well offshore Kenya
    • Strong cash position of $28.4M

    Senegal update
    Drilling of two potentially high impact offshore oil exploration wells in FAR Limited’s (“FAR”) Senegal acreage in west Africa will begin in April after receiving advice from joint venture partner Cairn Energy PLC (“Cairn”) of the UK.

    Cairn yesterday advised that, “The two well exploration programme offshore Senegal (Cairn 40% WI, Operator) will start in April after drilling operations are completed in Morocco.

    In a release to the London Stock Exchange Cairn provided an update on the schedule for the Cajun Express drilling rig which is completing Cairn’s Moroccan exploration well and which will be moving to Senegal to drill the two FAR wells.

    The first exploration well will be located on the North Fan prospect in 1,500m water depth. This well will be immediately followed by a second exploration well targeting a Shelf Edge Prospect in 1,100m of water. These will be the first deep water (>1,000m) wells drilled in Senegal and only the second and third deep water wells along the central Atlantic margin of West Africa.

    The two exploration wells will test combined prospective resources of approximately 1.5 billion barrels of unrisked prospective resources* (Reference: FAR ASX release of 27/2/2013) and FAR retains a 15% working interest in the blocks.

    FAR has successfully secured funding of approximately US$190 million (100% basis, FAR estimate) for these two exploration wells in farm out deals completed with Cairn and ConocoPhillips.

    “It has been a terrific year for FAR in that we have now completed three farm-out deals and as a consequence we are funded through two high impact exploration wells in Senegal spudding in the next month as well as being fully funded through a seismic and drilling program in Kenya Block L6 due to be commencing in Q2. The recent announcement by Pancontinental updating the status of the Sunbird-1 well is highly encouraging for offshore Kenya, especially the reef play that extends through both Blocks L6 and L9 in which FAR has an interest.”
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    Default Re: April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    AHZ Admedus. It's spent March drifting down from its highs at 0.17ish to stabilise at 0.15.
    Reasonable prospect of announcements for either its vaccine trials, or more likely sales for its surgical patch technology in the EU or USA.

    Holders optimistic for 0.20s ... somewhere ... sometime

    Thanks Joe!
    "He's better at mining investors than mining the ground;" on Alan Bond. (attribution unknown)

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    Default Re: April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    UNX please there should be some news soon on how much and the quality of the graphite they realy have

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    Default Re: April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    TAW please Joe. They should be producing the Jorc figures for their African iron ore project in April. Looks undervalued.

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    Default Re: April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    LMB please.

    Pictures are worth a thousand words:

    lmb chart.JPG
    For a few men to be rich, many men must be poor.

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    Default Re: April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    TRS thx joe been sold off big time I expect a nice bounce TB
    only a legend has a street named after him!

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    Default Re: April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    Tough choice this month, but I'll take PYM thanks Joe.

    PYM has been a bit of a train wreck for the last few years, the already low (relative to previous levels) price was recently reduced by news of a capital raising for the drilling of the first well in a new project, and with the closing date for the SPP being in April, perhaps they'll release some news in April to get everyone excited. Long shot and I wouldn't buy with real money (though I am stuck holding some!), but hey, it costs nothing to play.

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    Default Re: April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    IAW please Joe. Got belted when it didnt offer a dividend. But has been expanding and diversifying. Hoping it returns to previous levels. It may take a some time though, maybe prior to next reporting season.

    I always thought a bunch of Lawyers would make money as times got tough and companies had to sort out legal issues.
    cheers JB
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    Default Re: April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    FCR (Ferrum Crescent Limited)

    1. Why Ferrum Crescent Limited ?
    High quality magnetite product, established infrastructure and deliverable
    307.8 million tonnes resources to JORC standard
    Magnetite ore - metallurgy demonstrates capability for high grade product up to 69.7% Fe grade

    2. As of 28. 03. 14, drillinto was 35th at the ASF-Stock Tipping Competition with a loss of -50%.

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    Default Re: April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    MOS thanks Joe, an oiler due a good run.

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    Default Re: April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    WEC White Energy, at 15c the market cap is $48m with $67m in the bank at end of January 2014. Now own Mountainside Coal in the Appalachian region of USA - banked about $4m in December last. Their 51% interest in coal fines in South Africa is close to the production stage and they have a 100% interest in a coal tenement at Phillipson in the Far North of South Australia - presently profitable for sale of wool and sheep out of Ingomar Station; tenement the size of England.
    White Energy have a court case in Singapore due in late 2014, outstanding since November 2011, concerning the bankruptcy of their 51% owned Tabang Project, an Indonesian asset, due to failure of Bayan to supply coal to the project.
    Other interests are also in the States and Indonesia, and China -- thanks Joe.
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    Default Re: April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    CFU please

    There has been a big demand of late....lots more buyers than sellers....somebody knows what is going on.

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    Default Re: April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    KMD please... one of picked up a couple of days ago... why? fundamentally sound and looks good technically.

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    Default Re: April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    AZS, thanks Joe

    High grade gold and copper mineralisation has been identified in the Cascada drilling recently (from Announcements).

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    Default Re: April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    Could I have ASL again,
    thanks Joe.

    The same rationale as last December:
    • Multi-year Lows;
    • Volume increased even more than last time;
    • Trinity has shown early pre-alerts.

    Nothing is guaranteed, but the potential exists. See also my chart in the ASL thread.
    Artificial Intelligence is no match for Innate Stupidity.

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    Default Re: April Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    IPP please Joe, there may be a bounce back from the recent price falls.
    If a bargain cannot be obtained today, the market will open again tomorrow offering you a fresh new opportunity and a new price.

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