Just as the title suggests how do you draw a proper trend line to figure out if its in a down trend or up trend. My problem is that say for example the price action is bearish. You draw a down trend connecting the highs and obviously they are making lower highs. Is the down trend line suppose to touch every single lower high or the ones that stand out. It feels as though it all depends on what time frame your looking at. For example if im looking at dailies i can narrow my criteria down the last few days or months. It might be in a downtrend then it goes into a range for a few months then spikes then goes back down or if im a short term trader I might only look at the past couple of days price action. I think the point im trying to make is that you can make any trend look up or down and your bias can influence your trend line. Is there any specific guidelines for drawing trend lines. Feels like you need a bloody degree in trend line analysis haha. And yes I realize that drawing trend lines and technical analysis is all up to personal perception and there is know one correct rule but if any one can post any photos of how to draw basic bullish/bearish trend lines it would be much appreciated.