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    I`m interested to know if anyone here knows how to network a few computers ,wireless network
    thanking you in advance,if anyone can help

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    Yes, shoot an questions onto the board and I will see if I can help.

    Basically you can get a good linksys router/hub for about $100.

    You plug one end into your cable modem (assuming you have one), and there are 4 output ports for hardwired network connections, and wireless broadcast.

    The router has a linux firewall built into it to protect your network from the internet.

    Just one thing:

    MAKE SURE you enable security (such as WEP key protection) onto the wireless side of things. Otherwise you will give away bandwidth to your neighbours and potentially open your network to hacking attempts.
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    thanks for your reply,
    done that I think the problem lays in actually programming the computers to recognise each other

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    Angry Re: Networking

    I hear you about the security issue! Our network at work was hacked into last week. We have the wep key, but our IT 'expert' had somehow left 'open' - his words, our website IP (our website is hosted by another ISP so this one was not used) and one of our generic emails; that was hijacked and an email scam letter sent to account holders of an online book company as a phishing scam for credit card details. We started getting a couple of emails asking us if we had been hijacked, a couple calling us criminals and the last was from the company itself advising us we had been hijacked. By then we had already found the hole, but we are so changing our expert IT person.

    Anyone know any good IT server specialists in Adelaide who know what they are doing???

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    can you tell me how many machines, what version operating system they are all using (I assume some version of windows) and the wireless cards and wireless modem you have? You can post here or drop me a pm.


    WEP is next to useless as a deterant for a hacker. It will stop joe average from accidently using your bandwidth. As a trial, I added a 64 bit wep key to my own lan and tried to hack it. It took two dodgey dos programs ( 5 minute seach and then download), run first scan and lock on (5 minutes) and then 35 minutes to actually crack the WEP key. BTW, I'm no expert at all. My IT guys sent me a white paper claiming only 5 minutes is needed to crack WEP. Of course I scoffed at them, at first...

    It's WPA or lan cable for this black duck from now on...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan 101
    It's WPA or lan cable for this black duck from now on...
    You can also lock it to particular MAC addresses, so that only the programmed addresses will be accepted by the router.


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    MAC addresses can be spoofed too

    Steve Gibson has a good site to test for security

    Don't know if you have Foxtel but callforhelp is a pretty good show to learn about this stuff, their website is also useful

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    yep, mac addresses are not a substitute for security, in fact they can hinder it. Mac addresses are broadcast and can therefore be captured and as bvbfan mentioned, can be spoofed.


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    I wander how one can set-up security, to be reasonably secure?

    Is there something? Or all is waste of time and we should look at best backup possible?

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    hi Happy.

    Think of it the same as someone trying to break into your car. If they are determined and have the skills, they will get in.
    If you lock the doors and keep the shiny things out of view and make it known you have an alarm, the bad guys will probably just move on till they find an easy mark.

    All security is important. WEP for wireless is better than nothing. WPA is much tougher to crack. Remember that most people who get into other people's computers use software to do the searching, so if the software can't get at your connection in the first few attempts, it may just look elsewhere.


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    Stan 101, this is a great approach. No network in the world is *impossible* to crack, however we can make it as difficult as possible so that hackers, etc are more likely to pick easier targets.

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