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    I was surprised to see that this stock doesn't have a thread of it's own so I thought it was time we started one.

    FSA is Australia’s largest provider of consumer-debt solutions and lends to individuals and small businesses. After a “backdoor listing” on ASX and $600,000 capital raising, the company is now capitalised at $161 million and starting to attract more support from broking analysts.

    It is best known for the Fox Symes Debt Solutions business, which offers debt solutions such as budgeting advice...

    If you want to read more then do so by clicking on this link:- http://www.thebull.com.au/premium/a/...r-returns.html

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    After reaching it's 6month peak of $1.44 the stock has shaved off 14cents since its FY2014 Results report last week.
    It's just touching the 200-SMA now, but does it have the goods to kick on to its previous 52week high around $1.50 and beyond?
    Profit and dividend were posted up 25% and 20% respectively.

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