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    Default Gold Hedge Royalty Scam

    Aussie conman flees overseas with $40 million of investors' money

    A SYDNEY conman who claimed he was working with the royal family in Dubai has fled overseas with more than $40 million of investors' money.
    Source: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/new...-1226799367636

    Looking forward to one of GG's eloquent commentaries on this matter.

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    Default Re: Gold Hedge Royalty Scam

    Myself being Armenian this guy is a disgrace to our community nothing but a scum.

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    Default Re: Gold Hedge Royalty Scam

    It's a shame how they target these wealthy professionals/business people who don't actually have any idea about investments at all. If these people even just came onto ASF and said "look there is this guy saying he works for the royal family in dubai, he gave me this prospectus but no paperwork, I think I want to invest this many millions in gold, what do you guys think?" then they may have gotten away from this one.

    Lol he even got an investment advisor. He might have deserved that though...

    They were obviously taken in due to not getting any paperwork. Normally you would get your solicitor involved and they would work out the legal paper work and both parties would sign it.

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    Default Re: Gold Hedge Royalty Scam

    haha im armenian to. ill ask around the community see if any one knows who this guy is. bet there will be a few interesting stories to be told regagarding this fella.

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