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    Default EzyPortfolio Manager V5

    Not sure where to ask this but here goes!

    Anyone tried EzyPortfolio Manager V5?

    Found it in the ASF Investment Shop and specs look good but the demo is a flippen PowerPoint presentation!


    That's crazy these days! Surely people want to try it out first.

    I trialled Stator and found the Capital Gains didn't suit me. There's no way I'd spend nearly $400 without a demo first. Would you?

    Cheers SB

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    Default Re: EzyPortfolio Manager V5

    Hi and welcome Sir Burr

    I'm sorry I can't help at all with 3rd party porfolio managing software but I usually suggest to those asking a similar question to you to maybe consider setting up their own spreadsheet to monitor their portfolio if they know how to use at least the basics of a spreadsheet or if they have someone to introduce them to the basics.

    I use Excel spreadsheets to do my fundamental analysis and portfolio monitoring with tables, charts etc. I've also set up our household budget spreadsheet, but mrs bullmarket looks after that one

    Where possible I suggest using a spreadsheet to customise your own portfolio manager with optional charts etc etc rather than be forced to do whatever a 3rd party software package wants you to do.

    But best wishes in finding a 3rd party software package if you go down that path.



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    Default Re: EzyPortfolio Manager V5

    Thanks bullmarket,

    I've actually setup an Excel spreadsheet to do my stuff but I'm always on the lookout to see if there is something better I could use. Haven't found it as yet!

    I saw this Aussie made "EzyPortfolio Manager" and thought I'd have a look but seems like I can't without buying it. Bummer

    Cheers SB

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