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    Question [Advice Needed] Honours vs. Masters to Restart Your Career

    Hey guys, I will keep it simple.

    I finished my bachelor studies at the end of 2011 (Bcom Finance and BBusInfoSys). I then worked some internet sales job for 6 months before securing a year long internship in an IB MO. However, I would like to try my hand on different function (S&T).

    By this point, I would be ineligible to apply for another entry roles (i.e. GTP) as most companies require you to have graduated less than 2 years. I will be out of uni by more than 2 years in the next recruiting season.

    Reason I am going for entry roles is because I do not have any relevant skills for S&T to be an experienced hire. I am aware that it is quite tough to move from BO/MO to FO as well.

    My plan:

    1) Do honours
    2) Finish my CFA Level 1
    3) Apply for GTP roles as I will be eligible again to apply


    1) Is honours a good way to do this? I have done a little bit of research and it seems there's a debate between doing masters and honours. Whats your opinion?

    2) Have any of you took this route or knew anyone who does? Share your experience.

    3) Is honours highly regarded by the industry?

    Thanks all for reading.

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    Default Re: [Advice Needed] Honours vs. Masters to Restart Your Career

    That's a few too many abbreviations for me at this time of the morning! If you have the choice, I would recommend a masters over honours as it is recognised as a better qualification abroad.

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