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    Just a heads up for ASF members who enjoy some excellent wines at very good prices.

    I came across the company cally Naked Wines recently. They act as an intermediary between a group of small independent Australian wine makers and the public. In effect they promote and market these wines and take a cut.

    As an introductory offer you can have a dozen mixed quality wines delivered to your door for $30. I have started working my way through mu first box and they are not shabby at all. Their nominal retail value is $12-15 and on taste and quality they are up there.

    If you want to know more check out their web site. I'd be interested to hear from any other ASF members who have already become members.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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    I'm not a wine snob but I got a $50 voucher for Naked Wines in an email from UBank recently so I thought I'd give them a try. I bought 6 "Butterfly Effect" 2012 Shiraz and for the price, it's excellent! I'll be buying more from them soon for sure!

    I shared a bottle with my neighbour yesterday and afterwards I had half a glass of my convenient 'vin ordinaire' cask wine, that I usually find quite quaffable, and nearly puked! I couldn't believe how rubbishy the cask tasted by comparison.

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    Every recent book that I have had sent from Book Depository has one of these vouchers enclosed...says $50 off a case priced at $99.99 or more.

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    Default Re: Naked Wines - Special offer

    The only restriction on my voucher was a minimum of 6 bottles.

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    Default Re: Naked Wines - Special offer

    Yes,threw out some old vouchers today and noticed that the offer varies every time.

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    If anyone's interested, PM me with your email address and I'll arrange for them to send you a $50 voucher.

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    I also received a $50 off voucher after I bought my first dozen. They seem to make many special offers ..

    What sparked my interest and first purchase was the opportunity to buy a dozen mixed case for $30.
    The nominal price for the mixed dozen was $59.95 and they are offering a $30 discount on that deal.

    Very tasty ! And very good wine to boot !!

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    Obviously they can't run a business at the super special prices but they are certainly an incentive to at least try the wines at basically FA cost and make an ongoing decision from there.

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    Default Re: Naked Wines - Special offer

    haven't bought from them but use winemarket quite often and have been happy with their mixed cases over the years, especailly when they do a free delivery or have a $20 off voucher.

    Also get around 10% cach back with start here so often getting a dozen bottles on the cheap. Wish I could get more of the roos leap shiraz from a couple of years back. Think they went bust
    A budget tells us what we canít afford, but it doesnít keep us from buying it.

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    Thanks for sharing that, basilio, I have passed it on.

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