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    27, have a steady income.
    Been learning through books and forums re: both real estate and value investing. We're ready to buy a PPOR +/- IP. Need to take the next step as there is only so much to be learnt without experience.

    I've also been reading about value investing and feel i want to put a small amount into an ETF/index fund, again to get my foot in the door. I expect to make nominal return from the stock market at this stage given my limited knowledge. If i do my plan is to leave it in there and not touch it for a long term perspective.

    Question, thoughts on leaving $x in an offset account on my PPOR vs buying $x of an ETF to begin my learning in the stock market? (Hint $x ~$5000 mostly for learning purposes before commiting more as i learn)


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    would love to hear response for OP's post

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