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    Question Amibroker - change buy delay only on last bar

    Dear all
    I am a long time trader on a weekly base. I look for AB signals on weekend and invest on Monday with open price. So I made my backtester settings with "Buy price: Open" and "Buy delay: 1"
    I have the problem, that I get the signal first on Monday when AB gets the price for Monday.
    Or I made my settings with "Buy price: Close" and "Buy delay: 0". Then I get the signal on Friday, but I have a wrong backtesting with different buy signals.

    What I need is an AB code to change the buy price and buy delay only for the last bar.

    I tried a lot of variations, but nothing works.
    Did anyone have the same problem and a solution?
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks from Germany

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    Default Re: Amibroker - change buy delay only on last bar

    Why not posting the solutions to all once you got it from elsewhere?
    Are you short of time or did you post in hundreds of forums?

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    Default Re: Amibroker - change buy delay only on last bar

    Sorry, you are right!

    Here is the very useful answer of trash in the other forum:
    go to the Settings, "Portfolio" tab, then turn on "Add artificial future bar (allows to see tomorrows trade picks). You may also check "Detailed log" in Reports tab.

    The answer is so easy, thanks a lot!


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    Default Re: Amibroker - change buy delay only on last bar

    Thanks for agreeing.

    I just posted in this thread here because I see that quite often so you were not the only one. To have a higher response hit rate people ask the same question in multiple forums. When they finally got the solution in one of those forum they disappear and don't add that (possible) solution to the other forums where they have asked the same question too. I think that's selfish, well, human. And I think it's not fair to people who are still trying to help to find and to provide the solution to the thread starter or original poster in those other forums. In the end they are effectively wasting their time because the solution is already there and the casual lurker long gone.

    Just my two cents

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    Default Re: Amibroker - change buy delay only on last bar

    Most casual lurkers don't even respond to the solution provider in the original post anymore.

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