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    Hi all,

    I was going through the McDonalds annual report because I wanted to see what a really good annual report looks like for a well established long term profitable business. I came across a section where they give some weighted average figures but I don't know how they arrived at those figures and I'm not very good at Maths, so I was hoping someone might know the answer to my question.

    $6,889.1 is the weighted average cash, how did they arrive at this figure using the numbers in the screen shot below? :S

    In the notes it says: " The denominator is the weighted average cash used for investing activities during the applicable one or three year period. The weighted average cash used for investing activities is based on a weighting applied on a quarterly basis.

    The 2 screenshots are the same, I uploaded twice by mistake and don't know how to get rid of one. Sorry

    Here is a screen shot:WeightAVG.jpg

    Thank you in advance.
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