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    WayneL I was just about to put this post in "Forum Popularity" but found it had been closed.

    Hope you don't mind me starting a new thread on a similar vane.

    ****Warning this is a long post that has a lot of information you already know Ė my apologies at the start for anything that is cr#p or offends anyone.

    Participating in a Forum like this involves the following: Fun, frustration, giving, taking, learning, teaching, agreeing, disagreeing, wow!, cr#p!, intimidation, bullying, social pleasantries, stimulation, depression, aggressiveness, shyness etc. etc.

    Some people like to give, others just take, some are annoying, some are a pleasure to react with, some are good apples, some are bad (they are soon sorted by the back office boys) etc. etc.

    Some forumites contribute a lot, some only occasionally, some none at all. Some posts are cr#p, some are funny, some are brilliant, some are rude, some are insensitive etc.

    In other words there is the full gamut of feelings, post quality and personalities.

    Some of the most frustrating aspects of participating in these forums are: you canít always convey your thoughts by using a keyboard (smileys etc. help), in the way you would face to face; sometimes you just canít get your message over as people are taking it the wrong way; sometimes you post with no response (or worse only negative responses come back); sometimes a brilliant idea (post) goes unnoticed or is not given the attention it deserves. You are often taken out of context and are unable to explain properly what you mean. There are no hand gestures, facial expressions, vocal variances nor instant feedbacks and responses.

    If you canít cope with the above variety then you wonít last long in a forum. You need to set your own rules etc (within the rules of the forum) of acceptable conditions of participation (e.g. if you donít like a particular poster, then bar his posts, if you donít agree with a topic, donít read that thread).

    For those forumites who enjoy giving of their time and knowledge my appreciation and that of many silent others (the silent majority). I have taught at high schools, technical colleges and at universities and at each institution there were students who appreciated learning, others who did not (and often disrupted the others). Seldom was there any recognition of my efforts and that is the lot of any ďteacherĒ. If teachers only continued teaching when they got positive feedback then there would be no teachers! Think back to your own school days Ė how many times did you approach a teacher and compliment them Ė zilch for me and I suspect everyone else.

    My attitude is that I am not knowledgeable or confident enough to contribute much to technical analysis threads and to a lesser extent fundamental analysis. But since I have learnt so much from others, I would like to contribute in other areas, where I have more knowledge (sometimes debatable) and to also help those who are just starting on the road.

    There are gurus in this forum (tech/A, WayneL and others (you know who you are)), there are prolific posters (RichKid, Chicken, GreatPig et al), there are jokers (Fleeta, SOB) who make me laugh and who can be serious and helpful too. There are posters who make you think, laugh, cry, angry etc. There are the moderators and administrators doing a great job with a sometimes difficult task.

    Of course all of the above contribute in a variety of ways and on a variety of subjects.

    This forum (and most others) is used by a variety of people for a variety reasons. Some are trying to learn, others (bless their little hearts and souls) are trying to teach, others are socializing, others use it to vent their happiness, anger, frustration, boredom, etc.

    If you are a poster and your expecting to get accolades or rewards - forget it (going on all our previous history through school, college, uni. etc). But remember the majority of people do appreciate your contributions - they just donít vocalize (read type words) it. But if just one person is better off, in any way, after reading your post, then that is reward in itself.

    There is a wealth of knowledge in this Forum and a person just starting could do a lot worse than sifting through all the threads before buying one book or doing one course! Sure, thereís a lot of cr#p here too (hope this post doesnít fall under that category). But by just sifting through it and deciding what is and what isnít is a learning experience in itself.

    The conclusion then is that this forum has a lot of variety, quality and quantity of information. It serves a variety of purposes and uses by a variety of people (just like life). You can get a lot out of it and, if you want, you can put a lot back. There is good and there is bad.

    Donít be influenced by the bad and appreciate the good.

    Be civil and treat other posters as you would like to be treated by them.

    Cheers everyone!

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    cheers dutchie well said.

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    Good one Dutchie, a bit of needed insight for me here. Don't think much about it from a Teachers perspective. I believe I'll never hang it on my past school teachers again. Willow.

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    I bumped into closed door too, maybe off this topic, hope you excuse my rant.

    I am sorry you cannot stay here, but I understand your bitter disappointment.
    After all you give, give and give and what you get?

    Happy that you are not gone from all B Boards, so see you around.

    You are great man, you are generous man, you are always there when somebody needs you.

    I just cannot believe that you did not get special welcoming-retaining treatment with moderator-editor powers.

    All the best and donít worry too much about nothing, life is too short.
    It was a pleasure to see your posts here; I will miss your post for sure.

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    Thanks Happy but seriously its not necessary.

    The cheques in the mail!! (Only kidding my humor).

    I'm currently only posting on issues that directly relate to me so when they dissapear so will I.

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    And because Reef is so quiet, I thought I'd stumbled into a morgue.
    Must be the falling market, always the same, quiet when people are scrambling

    jog on

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    G'day tech/a,

    I'm currently only posting on issues that directly relate to me
    Well we will have to keep you chatting then

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    Default Re: Forum Participation

    Maybe we can start a few threads with "Tech what are your thoughts on......"

    You input has been extremely valuable Tech - thanks

    BTW - Happy belated birthday
    "Did you see the bubble?"

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    Hi Tech/a - hopefully you will keep posting - at least occasionally . I have found so many of your past posts extremely helpful and miss the constant reminders to keep those numbers skewed to the winning side - a subject which Nick Radge also clearly explains in his book. Your posts have certainly not been wasted and you never know how many silent lurkers you may have helped as well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sails
    a subject which Nick Radge also clearly explains in his book. Your posts have certainly not been wasted and you never know how many silent lurkers you may have helped as well!
    Where do you think I learnt from!!?

    Old doesnt become me!


    Nice try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tech/a
    Where do you think I learnt from!!?
    Yeah - I know - but still you do a great job re-inforcing the vital principles

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    Quote Originally Posted by tech/a
    There are very few here who are serious about finding out how to trade profitably or secure their future financially many are theorists and hypothisisers,even when presented with the golden egg they want to argue about this theory or that.
    Looks like there are more than you thought Tech, this thread proves it....and that's why I couldn't cop your comment. It wasn't fair to the people like those in this thread.

    Over it, lets move on.


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    Who is to blame when a bitter email exchange escalates into electronic warfare? According to a US report, a simple misunderstanding might be at fault.

    In a recent study of 30 undergraduate students, researchers from the University of Chicago and New York University said the tone of an email message was only correctly interpreted 50 per cent of the time.

    Psychologists Nicholas Epley and Justin Kruger paired the students off and gave each a list of 20 statements about general topics such as campus food and the weather and were asked to e-mail the statements to a partner introducing either a serious or sarcastic tone.

    The senders of the messages expected their partners to correctly interpret their tone nearly 80 per cent of the time, but in fact they only scored just over 50 per cent, said the report in Wired.

    Those attempting to interpret the message believed they had scored 90 per cent accuracy, according to the results which have been published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

    "That's how flame wars get started. People in our study were convinced they've accurately understood the tone of an e-mail message when in fact their odds are no better than chance," Mr Epley told Wired.

    The researchers said people often believed that the tone in their messages was obvious because they could hear it in their head as they wrote.

    Amanda Gordon, president of Australian Psychological Society, said Australian studies revealed that people in the workplace were highly stressed by email, with the misinterpretation of messages likely to play a part in that.

    "I think risk of misinterpretation of email is certainly as great here as in the US. People should be very wary of using email rather than applying their social skills. If you don't actually talk to people then you are not getting proper feedback," she said.

    She advises using email only to communicate information with more emotional topics discussed face-to-face. "One of the problems is that people expect instant replies to messages, but if you are writing about important subjects, then an email should not be sent out in haste," she said.

    A staff editorial on the study at the University of Pittsburgh's website advises the following: "In many situations, the answer is as simple as the abbreviations and emoticons so often reviled as destroyers of proper grammar.

    "A winky face may not be the height of literary expression, but sometimes it's good not to be taken seriously. It's better to be seen as a little unsophisticated than to unknowingly offend someone online (a parenthetical can reinforce your intended tone, too

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    Some of the very few have posted on this thread.They and you/everyone know who they are.

    My view is my opinion and I wouldnt have written it if I didnt believe it.

    Financial advisors---good ones are also in the minority--the warning I constantly put out is why would you seek advice from someone who is quite possibly worse off than you the client is.
    I had one advisor that seriously advised I place $52,000 a year in Super---his Super---Zurich.That cost me a grand.
    Any other advice like my own fund,property,Trading/Investing---anything that he could enlighten me with that would further secure my financial independance?---nuh---just a load of warnings--only his method could guarantee security---Gee I asked how did I ever get in my position without you?

    When I see comments from an "Advisor" that states Capital gain/appreciation isnt the way to financial security,I see red.Thats the single dumbest thing Ive ever seen in print from a professional.If youre 70 have a few million and are ALREADY there then maybe so--to a degree but if you live to 90 you'd better have some capital growth just to keep ahead of inflation.
    I'm a dumb builder and even I can work that out."Professional" people (Most) find it impossible to fathom that people like you and I who have no financial formal training can create wealth!! Its way beyond them to ask and learn how we did/do it.

    I'm still waiting and would be willing to pay any genius who can show me how to get to Financial security without Capital gain/appreciation.Is not that which is supposed to drive Super annuation funds?

    Happy to move on---

    But the best advice I can give is seek out MENTORS--NO NOT ME---
    People who YOU KNOW are where YOU WISH TO BE.Ask them to mentor you,pick their brains at what they did. Learn and implement when opportunity arises--make your own "Luck".
    Youd be suprised how approachable and down to earth these successes are!

    Cant help myself can I.
    Life's great .
    Last edited by tech/a; 16th-February-2006 at 05:28 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tech/a
    Wayne saw the pic Love it.
    Thought better of it afterwards and deleted it

    Cheers M8

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    Before we retired last year my wife and I saw 3 advisors.
    The first two were entry fee plus commission/trailing commission.
    Both of them lost interest in us when we didn't want to sell an investment property so we could get part pension.The only idea either of them had was to get us a pension,and maximise the amount they could get fees on.
    The 3rd guy was a fee for service bloke in an industry fund.No commissions or trailing.If he got any they were to be placed in our fund.Don't know if he did or it did.
    He was the only one interested to listen to our plan for moving into our unit and selling our principle place of residence sometime down the track.
    He came up with a plan that suited us,gives us enough to live on at the moment,and allows us to save a bit as well.
    He wasn't real cheap at$2 900,but the fund at 1.2% p/a,no entry fee compares pretty well with one of the others which would have cost $9 000 based on a % basis as entry fee,plus 2.5-3% p/a.
    I suppose the proof of the pudding will be in the eating,but my brother put 15 000 in a managed fund run by the one we didn't touch.
    In Nov 05,after 4 years,his $15 000 had recovered to be back to $15 000.

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    There are some very good advisors out there.But as you know are a minority.

    Due diligence I guess.
    I really cant say that this is an industry which "You get what you pay for".

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    hey tech/a - haven't been following whats happening properly

    what's going on, why are you not participating in the forum (is it political?)
    As a newbie, I would be very sorry to see you go, but then again I don't really know what has transpired here...

    On a side issue, I have personally found the forum informative , and have basically made a choice of whether to get involved in general chat or not.

    Sometimes there are topics that are better left alone, but we live in a democracy, and anyone has the right to bring a topic up for discussion, it's our choice to then participate or not.

    The forum's going great and hats off to those who run it
    Last edited by surelle; 16th-February-2006 at 09:11 PM. Reason: added extra stuff

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    Scranch, I just printed out your post on emails and Dutchie's on forum participation. The two go hand in hand, valuable information in each as far as I'm concerned and important for participants and those thinking of participating to read. I have been participating in forums for about 9 months I think and have recieved more benificial non trading information in the short while I've been here than in the rest of the time, not saying one is better than the other just so happens to have been that way. Cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tech/a
    Financial advisors---good ones are also in the minority--the warning I constantly put out is why would you seek advice from someone who is quite possibly worse off than you the client is.
    I had one advisor that seriously advised I place $52,000 a year in Super---his Super---Zurich.That cost me a grand..
    Hey, we are both from Adelaide and I think we must have gone to the same advisor as you!

    His advice to us was to borrow $100,000 and put it all into shares. This was in 1999. Thank God we didnt do it, it would have bankrupted us, as we continued to monitor his 'selected' shares for a while, just for fun. Would have earned him commission and his employers some nice stockbroking fees though Then another gem of his was to take out a loan on our beach house (which we never rent out) and say it was an investment loan and therefore negatively gear it. The investment loan was then to be used to pay out the current loan we had on it, not to make another investment! That was plain illegal. He never telephoned us during the process, took four months to get the report out of him and the only time he called us was afterwards when accidentally I had shortcharged his payment by $50!

    And this guy was the investment advisor to a large and well known share broker house!

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